Thursday, February 08, 2007


Life has been a whirlwind lately.

Last Friday began the Women's Retreat I've been preparing for since October. I worked with (actually, I watched in amazement) some of the greatest women in our church. The theme stemmed from a dream Karla had AND it was about God's dream for us. I enjoyed getting to know women on the committee and also at the retreat. God was directing the entire weekend. Speakers spoke of Jacob's crazy life and God's dream for him, of God's plan appearing among turmoil in lives of everyday women at church, and of dreams that are still eluding some of us. The most moving part for me was the solo time. It is hard to take an honest look at your life sometimes. I feel that I'm living a dream right now and I have fear of moving forward. I am afraid of the hard times that may lay before me. I had to relinquish my fears and trust that God has glorious plans for me.

Sunday morning, outside of Hawkins, TX, I received a call that Baby Macie was on her way! So I said farewell to all the awesome ladies and headed back west to the Metroplex. It was neat to hang out with Big Sister Maddie as we awaited Macie's arrival. All went well (Jaime had 2 pushes!) and Blake and Jaime are proud parents of two girls.

Monday, Michael and I went to Baylor to visit my Grandmommy. She has been in the hospital for heart conditions. She has been very thin for a long time, but in a hospital gown, it becomes very apparent. I hope she can strengthen up and head home soon.

Tuesday was Michael's birthday! He was able to head home early - that's always a good gift! I bought him these speaker things that I knew he would like. I am pretty sure he did. We also went to Go Fish. D-LISH-US! I had a pork chop, potatoes, and asparagus. Michael had salmon. We also shared a chocolate dessert tasted like fudge. I will have to admit that both Michael and I were nauseated Wednesday. It could have been something we ate or that we just ate so much.

We also had the heater guy out for the third time in a week or so. Hopefully these updates will keep our heat on and it will be efficient.

I've taken Friday off! I was taking it off because the doctor was going to induce Jaime this day. Now that Macie is here, I have decided to take this day for re-energizing! WooHoo!