Tuesday, May 05, 2009

More Randoms

I looked at my camera last night and found more pictures and videos to share.  Below is Audrey displaying her little stinker personality.  Check out that smirk!  Btw, we are certainly in the phase of all out fits when she becomes frustrated.  She also knows when we think she's cute and she hams it up.  Love that!

It is very rare that Audrey is just in a diaper, even though she loves it that way!  It's even more rare that Michael wears a cap.  I think this picture is pretty cute and it will most likely never happen again.  I just wish I had gotten a better shot.

Here is a video you may or may not enjoy.  Just depends on how invested you are in my kid! She's just playing in the pool here.

Here's a video of what Audrey loves to do lately.  Seriously, this kid loves everything I don't.  I hate spinning around and to feel like I'm falling.  She thinks this is the only way to have fun.   Even when she was colicky, if you swung her up and down, she would calm down.  Anyone want to take her to Six Flags when she's older?

I've mentioned before that I would love for a professional makeup artist to do my makeup.  I think that I even contemplated wearing hideous clothes for a while so TLC's What Not To Wear would come rescue me and give me a makeover.  

I got my chance about a week ago.  This guy, that is apparently top notch in the cosmetic world, was in town and putting makeup on desperate girls like me.  He was a sight to see, to be sure.   He wore a black shirt with red, possibly velour, pants and hightop sneakers.  He had these fantastic green eyes that he highlighted with mascara.  He had an assistant who stood behind him and would offer a clean brush for each new application.  After he worked on me, my technician just went on and on about how excited she was for me that he worked on me.  I had asked for a natural look.  I came home and took a washcloth to my face to remove much of the makeup before heading back out.  I was so disappointed.  I guess I got what I paid for...nuthin!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Catching Up

Hello, Blog World!  It certainly has been awhile.

Since I last wrote, Michael has completed busy season and is off for three weeks vacation!  He is using two of those weeks to study for his final portion of the CPA Exam.  We hope to do some fun things that final week.  He has jury duty that Monday, so hopefully he'll be turned away and our fun can start!

I've told y'all about how Audrey freaks out at the doctor's office.  Well, shortly after her 15 month check-up, Audrey touched a mystery object that's she's allergic to and then touched her eye.  Her eye immediately swelled shut.  I tried to wash it out with saline and took her to the doctor immediately.  He, too, washed out her eye and gave her some meds.  We headed home and she took a nap in the car.  This is what she looked like after her meds kicked in and after her nap.
She took Benadryl for 24 hours and her eye went back to normal.  Over the next week or so, her eye swelled up twice - not nearly as severe - and I became really concerned.  We have no idea what is causing this to happen to her.  She was always inside, but not always at our house.  I hated doping her up with Benadryl...especially since it makes her hyper and she can't sleep well.  My pediatrician referred us to an allergist because she has had so many reactions.

We made our trip to the allergist on Monday.  Audrey hates elevators and this guy is on the 5th floor.  I knew going in that Audrey would be in tears before we ever entered the doc's office.  Then, our doctor just had spinal surgery, so he is wearing a brace around his neck and is legitimately scary looking.  Audrey completely freaked out!  I'm so glad I had Michael with me so that he could take Audrey away while the doctor and I talked.  Fortunately, he didn't feel like Audrey needed to have any tests done to her!  He gave us some very good advice and answered the many questions I had.  I feel so much more at ease about knowing how and when to do things.

Audrey has been cutting 6 teeth, so she nows has 12 pearly whites!  I'm glad that they have all finally cut through her gums!

The Saturday before Easter, we celebrated with the Hall family.  Here are some pics from that time:   

On Easter, we went to church with my parents and ate lunch at my aunt Sasa's house.  Sasa took pictures of us as a family and I haven't seen those yet.  These are what my dad took.  Hopefully I'll get some good pics of her dress the next time she wears it.

Audrey has been swimming in our little kiddie-pool a lot lately.  We love this warm weather!  Can't wait until the big pools warm up enough to go swimming!

Today, we are clearing out our extra room.  We hope to put carpet in there next week and make it into a play room.  That's fun and exciting! (Did you read that with sarcasm?) 

Next week should be fun with Michael home.  I hope to blog about it before another month goes by!  Thanks for checking in!