Saturday, April 14, 2007

Quiet After the Storm

It is 1:16 in the morning and I am unable to sleep. So, I am sitting in the quiet house pondering the crazy night we had.

The storm that blew by produced several tornadoes and it appeared one of them was heading toward us. Michael and I took cover in our closet. I brought my laptop with me so that my dad could keep me updated while we were away from the television. We heard hail, strong wind, and a lot of rain. Finally, the storm passed. Then it was my turn to keep my dad updated as they took cover at their house. They came out unscathed as well. God is good!

Here is a link to some pictures of the storm.

Oh, the STARS and the MAVS won tonight! WooHoo!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Stormy Friday the 13th

Since Wednesday, I have been sick with a sore throat and fever. So yesterday and today, I am home trying to rest up. Today, I get to keep an eye on the weather.

Growing up (and especially during the summer), my dad watched the Weather Channel until sports, usually the Rangers, came on at night. I inherited a love to watch the Weather Channel. So today, as the weather will prove to be the worst of the year, I will be watching TWC. I will not be surprised if Dad and I will be keeping in touch today, keeping the other informed on the situations in our area. Before you call me a nerd, remember - I'm a science teacher. This stuff is supposed to be interesting to me. Now you may call me a nerd.