Friday, January 27, 2006

Life can be so good at times!

Yesterday, I had a really long phone call with a parent. The parent wanted me to find out some info from this really shy student. The parents mentioned that the student speaks about me because of how I speak of God and display His light in the school (how cool is that!). I need to be careful though...I would hate to lose this job. So anyway, I met with this student before school for tutorials. After making sure the student was prepared for the test I'm giving today, I started telling her the observations I have made about her throughout the year. I encouraged her to continue to make good decisions while being surrounded by darkness. She totally opened up and gave me the information that I was needing to hear. I was anxious all last night about our little talk, but God totally took care of it. I feel as though I'm on top of the world because God takes care of me through the very last detail. Praise Him!

I taped the last part of the Stars game last night. Even though it was between the Stars and Avs (Michael is from Denver), we could not stay up to watch the end. I got up this morning to see the Stars tie it up and win it with another shootout!! Woohoo!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tag, you're it!

I have been tagged in blog-world. I am suppose to tell you 5 of my guilty pleasures. Aren't you excited!?!?

1. HOCKEY! I watched my first shootout last night! The Stars tied the game with less than a minute remaining in regulation. The Stars were down a man for nearly half of overtime. 4 on 3 hockey is pretty exciting to watch. Then there was the shootout! The Blues hit the crossbar on the first shot. Zubov sank in the Stars' first shot. Turco made a great save on the Blues' second shot. Then our perfect rookie remained perfect. STARS WON! Michael says he's going to have to buy earplugs for when I watch hockey.

2. CHOCOLATE! I'm a girl, come on!

3. BLUE BELL ICE CREAM! Michael frequently tells the story of the first time he saw me eat ice cream. He is amazed how I eat twice as much as he does and then takes what he doesn't eat.

4. MARSHMALLOWS! This is my new favorite snack.

5. SUNDAY NAPS! I almost can't make it through a Sunday without a nap. Those rainy days are killer.

I've done my part. I tag Dad and Blake.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


The last two Oprah shows have been on what Americans should be worried about. I have heard talk on the radio about this because of the Oprah show. The two shows were on terrorism and the Bird Flu or some other epidemic. How are you living your life? Are you worried about something? Are you watching out for something? I think the End Times are near...just don't know how near.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Is 100 Really Safe?

From David more in The Dallas Morning News

Can Kobe score 100?

Bryant not content to be second best, but even he can't fathom matching Wilt

Now that he's flaunted the laws of physics and NBA box scores, it's only natural to wonder if he can do more.
Kobe Bryant isn't constrained by the mundane boundaries of reality and history. He's one of those rare athletes who tempt you to believe the impossible may now be possible.
This is what Bryant has done with his 81-point game. He's forced us to examine the assumption that Wilt Chamberlain's record will never be broken.

The 100 points the Big Dipper scored on March 2, 1962, are the product of a bygone era when Chamberlain was bigger and stronger than anyone he faced and defenses weren't nearly as sophisticated. It's one of those athletic feats, along with Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak in baseball, revered as untouchable. "If one person did it, it's possible that someone else can accomplish the same feat," argued George Gervin, who once scored 63 points in a game and now works in community relations for the San Antonio Spurs. "All the young kids who have people tell them you can't do this, you can't do that, those who hear Wilt's record will never be broken ...
"Kobe has proven things like that can happen."
Maybe it can. But it's not likely.
That's the difference – OK, one of many differences – between a four-time NBA scoring champion and a jaded journalist. Gervin looks at the highest scoring game in nearly 44 years and sees more.
I look at Bryant's brilliant performance and see why Chamberlain's record is safe.
I'm not alone. After the Los Angeles Lakers star autographed copies of the box score for teammates and staff, he was asked about Chamberlain's record.
"That's unthinkable," Bryant said. "It's pretty exhausting to think about."
He wasn't being gracious. Breaking 100 in today's game is unthinkable.
Chamberlain scored 100 points in a season in which the league average was 118.8 points. Only five teams are above 100 in the NBA this season, and the average is 96.7 points.

Even former Lincoln standout Chris Bosh couldn't help Toronto stop Los Angeles' Kobe Bryant on Sunday.
The possibility of Bryant, or any player, scoring more than the league average is absurd.
Another crucial consideration is the number of possessions.
The Lakers average 80.8 shots a game. That's 27 less than teams averaged during the 1961-62 season. It's part of the reason seven of the 10 highest scoring games in league history came between 1960 and '63.
Not everything about this era puts Bryant and others at a disadvantage. The Lakers guard picked up seven additional points behind the 3-point arch that wasn't available when Chamberlain played. Rule changes that prevent defenders from hand-checking an opponent have opened up the game on the perimeter.
Chicago's Michael Jordan never scored more than 69 points in a game. Portland coach Nate McMillan is one who believes Jordan would have scored 100 points under the current rules.
"You better believe it makes a difference," said Gervin, who holds the record for most points in a quarter with 33.

Kobe Bryant hugs coach Phil Jackson as teammates celebrate his 81-point game.
"Back in the day, you could be held. A defender used to be able to put a hand on your side or an arm in your back. I was 185 pounds and had guys at 225 pounds putting their hands on me. It was like trying to move a stump.
"I'm not saying it's easier now, but it's different."
Very different. And that makes for a spirited debate.
The Lakers' Phil Jackson said he's never witnessed anything like what Bryant did to Toronto, which is pretty heady stuff when you consider he coached Jordan. Gervin considers Bryant's 81 as impressive as Chamberlain's 100.
Bryant did shoot better and score a greater percentage of his team's points (66.4 percent to 59.2 percent) than Chamberlain did in his 100-point effort.
"To compare it to anybody would be useless," Gervin said. "He set himself apart from everyone else. Everyone looks for another Michael Jordan, and there probably won't be one.
"What Kobe did was establish himself as one of the greatest scorers of all time at an early age. He's a phenom. I'm a believer, man.
"Now we've got to sit back and wait and see if anyone scores 82."
Notice he said 82.
Not 101.

The top single-game scorers in NBA history:

Wilt's 100
Game: March 2, 1962 vs. NY Knicks
Time played: 48 minutes
FG: 36 of 63
FT: 28 of 32
Rebounds: 25
Assists: 2

Kobe's 81
Game: Jan. 22, 2006 vs. Toronto
Time played: 41:56
FG: 28 of 46 (7-of-13 from 3-point range)
FT: 18 of 20
Rebounds: 6
Assists: 2

Baseball: 56
Since Joe DiMaggio's hitting streak came to an end in 1941, only Pete Rose (44) has come close.
Football: 47
John Unitas' mark of consecutive games with a touchdown pass still stands. Brett Favre hit 36 in 2004.
Hockey: 215
Only Wayne Gretzky has reached 200 points in a season four times in his career.
Basketball: 50.4
Think about averaging that many points per game for an entire season, like Wilt did.
Chuck Carlton

Anecdotes and facts behind other high-scoring games in NBA history.
1 Wilt Chamberlain
100 points, March 2, 1962
Went to a penny arcade before the game and broke records in pinball and air rifle, which he took as an omen. Hitched a ride to New York after the game with several of the Knicks players he set the record against.
T-4 David Thompson
73 points, April 9, 1978
Big game came on the final day of the regular season to ease past George Gervin for the scoring title. Gervin scored 63 points later that evening to take the title back.
T-8 David Robinson
71 points, April 24, 1994
Big game came on final day of the regular season to beat Shaquille O'Neal for the scoring title.
11 Michael Jordan
69 points, March 28, 1990
Highest scoring game came against Cleveland when Cavaliers coach Lenny Wilkens refused to double-team him.
T-25 Joe Fulks
63 points, Feb. 10, 1949
Highest scoring game before the introduction of the shot-clock. Fulks was 27-of-56 from the field and 9-of-14 from the free throw line.

David Moore

Amazing scoring milestones from the four major pro sports:
MLB: Fifteen players have hit four homers in a game, a barrier that stands like the speed of light.
NFL: Three players have scored six TDs in a game, including a memorable day by Chicago's Gale Sayers in 1965.
NHL: Toronto's Darryl Sittler recorded 10 points (6 goals, 4 assists) vs. Boston in 1976. Not even Gretzky matched it.
NBA: Wilt Chamberlain's record night in Hershey, Pa., still stands as a massive round number.
Chuck Carlton

Now That's Better!

Last night, 18 girls and I went to El Fenix and the Stars game and watched them tear up the Coyotes 4-1. This was a much better game than last Wednesday!!! It was so much fun to see so many girls from all walks of life have fun together. I set up the event and I don't think I knew half of the girls there! It was really nice to see Lori. I had not seen her since the wedding. She brought a few of her friends and I really enjoyed talking with one of her coworkers. It really is amazing how faith can connect two people.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Disappointed by the Stars

Well, Michael and I received free tickets (great seats!) to see the Stars take on the Atlanta Thrashers. Hedberg was the goalie this night, but I didn't think that would matter when the Stars were up 2-0. The Thrashers responded with 5 unanswered goals. The worst moment was when Hedberg came out of his area to get the puck but never covered it. They scored with a player (Modano I believe) in the net. Great friends (Jill, Landon, Tiffany, and Eddie), great seats, lousy game. A shout out to Landon for the great seats!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I am amazed, truly amazed. The show, 24, is beginning it fourth season I believe. I have watched it for three seasons. This show is so gripping! It involves an American agency preventing terrorism. Each episode is one hour of the day and there are 24 episodes, thus making one day. You pretty much follow one character, Jack Bauer, around and see how he outsmarts the terrorist and prevails. (Though, he did have to fake his death last season.) It is cool to see how a president might react to different threats and how the nation reacts to such scary times. If you want to get hooked on an AWESOME show, begin watching 24 this season. They had a 4 hr season premier, but you can still catch up. I can see it also becoming a little more "hollywood," but maybe it will stay safe to watch. Let me know if you watch this. I can't be the only one!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Today, I'm happy!

Reasons why I'm happy:

2. It is the end of a very long week.
3. I have a 3-day weekend followed by staff development.
4. I won't see my students until Wednesday.
5. I will go to a Stars game Wednesday.
6. I will go to a Stars game next Monday with 18 other girls!
7. The students are excited about FCA after school today.
8. The test the kids took today is on scantron...easy grading!
9. This is beautiful weather, despite the fires.
10. My husband is the best!

Check out this Bush impersonator....he's amazing! CLICK HERE

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Two-Headed Baby

If you did not catch Wednesday's Oprah show, you missed quite a story. There was a lady in Egypt who recently gave birth to conjoined twins and another baby (a triplet). There was a problem with the conjoined twins, one had not fully formed and was just a head, a parasitic head. It's an amazing story. Click on the title see get the full story and see a picture. I decided not to post the picture since some might not want to see a sight like that.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I have to admit that I was at first disappointed to see Erskine go...he was my present-day Shane Churla...a fighter. But then wonderful thoughts began to tumble into my head- Janne's got qualities that will propel this team forward!
1. He's a Finn...need I say more???
2. He's a veteran...Stanley Cup Playoffs anyone???
3. Our defense will be top-notch. Maybe our games won't start off with us down a couple or three goals.
I like this very much! Go Stars!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I have to buy a whole lot of 2 cent stamps!

Once, it cost 3 cents to mail a letterBy Steven Ellis

When you picked up your mail Monday, you may have noticed something different. Did you catch it?
Here's a hint: You'll see this change on the upper right-hand corner of any piece of first-class mail that weighs an ounce or less.
Sunday the US Postal Service increased the price of a first-class stamp from 37 cents to 39 cents.
The last price increase was in 2002, when the cost to send a letter rose by 3 cents. In 2001, a first-class stamp was 34 cents.
The US Post Office Department was created by Congress in 1775. (It was renamed the US Postal Service in 1971.)
The cost to send a letter in 1845 was about 5 cents - but that was the equivalent of about $10 today.
In 1851 Congress wanted to make the mail service more affordable. So it reduced the cost of a first-class stamp from 5 cents to 3 cents. For the next 107 years, the price remained about the same.
In 1958, the cost of a first-class stamp increased to 4 cents. Since then, the cost of stamps has risen every few years. These increases help the postal service keep up with the costs of processing and delivering the mail.
You don't have to throw out your old 37-cent stamps: The postal service has issued 2-cent stamps. This way, you can use a 2-cent stamp and an old 37-cent stamp until you get the new 39-cent stamps.

Maybe I shouldn't be upset about having to buy 2 cent stamps so that my 37 cent stamps don't go to waste, but I kind of am. We have had several problems with out postman since I moved in the house. Problems that could have been major - like delivering my new Social Security card to the wrong house! Michael had even called the post office to report the many things our postman does wrong. We have seen some improvement, but I still think the job can be done better. So now that my trust in the US Postal System has decreased, they make me pay more! I guess I can handle the increase, since I get a slight pay raise each year and I married someone who gets paid more than me....but I'm still upset.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Christmas Memories

This, of course, was Michael's and my first Christmas together as a married couple. We had celebrated Christmas with my immediate family the weekend after Thanksgiving. It was really fun to see Zach open gifts, Maddie laughing at everything, and Ethan just growing up faster than weed!

The Tuesday before Christmas, Ollie Perkins, the Rockwall Perkins', the Royce City Perkins', and us went to the Otways to eat fajitas and celebrate Christmas. I think we has fajitas to make Michael feel more at home while being surrounded by white people (j/k babe).

Michael and I spent actual Christmas with the Hall family in Abilene. Michael's parents haven't sold their house their yet and Janie wanted to have one last Christmas there. The Hall family, due to Janie's constant urging, has many Christmas traditions. We watched many Christmas movies that I had never seen, read The Night Before Christmas, made Christmas cookies, looked at Christmas lights, and nearly went carolling (the family beat out Janie's vote on that). I'm sure there were more traditions that occurred, but I have a short memory. We also opened a gift each evening...I liked that a lot!! Michael's sisters gave me Rummikub and Yahtzee for my birthday and I received a massager and silverware from the in-laws for Christmas. Michael received sneakers and Seinfeld DVD's.

Michael was a sweetheart and bought me a laptop. We originally went with Dell. There were issues with it and Dell's customer service is horrible. (So bad, I want to use foul language). We decided to not go with Dell again and chose Toshib. I have Toshiba Satellite. It is so awesome! I highly recommend it.

Anyways, Christmas was a time to fellowship with family, but it also was a time to remember Christ. I hope your celebration was a good one as well!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Wish it were like "the good ole days."

Michael and I read from the "Daily Bible." It is a new year and we are at the beginning of the Bible. I've been struck at how the stories you've heard all of your life can actually be quite confusing. I won't go into all of the new questions I have about the creation or anything, but I will say that I am amazed at how God seems to be so connected to these early people. Of course, we know that he spoke with Adam and Eve and went on walk in the Garden. He also has a close relationship with Noah. After the Noah family went inside the ark, God "sealed" them in. Just how did He do this? Was He physically there doing something, or did He speak it into action? In a way, I am glad that God doesn't suddenly say, "Brooke, I want you to put this on," of "Brooke, build this for me." But, wouldn't it be cool to hear God like that? I don't think these were impressions on someone's heart and they then stated, "God told me to do it." I think it was audible. Interesting.

Today, I received another wedding gift!!! Does this ever stop?!!? I can't believe it has been four months and we're still getting presents! I got a cookie sheet, a round baking pan, a muffin pan for 6 ('s not too big!), and The Quick and Easy Book full of recipes! I got birthday presents at Christmas too! In the past few weeks I've received birthday, Christmas, and wedding gifts. I am blessed! I will tell you about my Christmas in a future blog.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New year, new site

You probably noticed that I changed the scenery a bit. I don't think I was able to post links on the other template, so I switched. I added some blogs I read occasionally. I visit many more blogs, but I have at least posted on these. It would be weird to see my blog for the first time and read your name on my link page and never knew I had come across your blog. For ACUers, it is an amazing way to connect with so many people again.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Adios 2005, Hola 2006!

I consider the year 2005 one of the best ever for me. It involved so many things. Last January, I was only dating Michael, paying rent to my roommate in a house that wasn't close to anything I was involved in, and struggling to figure out 8th graders. Now I am married to Michael, we are home-owners, I am in the best location possible, and I feel very comfortable with my job. I have gained another wonderful family. We started the year with most of Michael's family in Abilene. His sister and her family moved to Denton and his parents moved to Carrollton (after a short stint in our house). I can't believe how quickly Michael wanted to get married after he finally decided I was "the one." I had no clue that I would even be engaged, much less married, at this point a year ago. I thought Michael was moving so slow...remember, he hadn't even kissed me yet! But God has perfect timing. We have already needed each other dearly at different points in this marriage and it has been such a blessing to have each other. I'm excited about our future at Richardson East and the new friends we can make there. A new youth minister will be appointed in the future, and I pray that it will be someone Michael and I can connect with. Many of our friends are becoming engaged couples. This may allows us to have more married friends...which will be a blessing also. God blessed me so much in this past year. I have good health, a Godly husband, a warm home, a great job, two loving families, and two reliable, fuel-efficient Hondas. I hope that if there are hard times ahead, I will be able to reflect on this year and realize God is with me and has already blessed me with so much.