Monday, July 30, 2007

Jochebed, Mother of Moses

I'm writing about my thoughts on different women in the Bible and what their pregnancies may have been like. My subject this time is the mother of Moses. She is living in Egypt, where the Pharaoh has ordered all baby boys to be thrown in the Nile river.
I am not as anxious as many mothers are about discovering the gender of our baby, but this situation would cause anyone to have high blood pressure. To think that if you have a boy, the baby will most likely be murdered immediately would have to bring such a dark cloud over the pregnancy. She must have prayed so very hard for a baby girl. (And we complain today that sonograms are not 100%. How petty!)

The thing that is such a surprise to me is that she didn't have a plan on what to do if it was a boy until she saw that "he was a fine child." That may mean that he was a quiet baby or that he just looked really cute. To me, every mother would think her baby was a "fine child." It was at this point she decided to hide him to save his life.

You know the rest of the story. I can't imagine the stress every pregnant woman must have gone through during this time. Also, what a hard time to bring a child into the world. What pride she must have felt (if she was still living) when her son(s) delivered the Israelites. Way to go Mom!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Baby Pool

At the top right of this page, you will see a banner for our baby pool. We still have some time before the baby comes, so you might want to wait to put in your guess. I wanted you to know that your guess is welcomed. The gender is worth zero points, as we'll find out soon. It wouldn't be fair to you early guessers if the gender was worth a lot! Have fun!

Friday, July 27, 2007

35 Years and Counting

Happy anniversary to Mom and Dad!

(This is the latest pic I have with them in it. I'll have to fix that!)

Monday, July 23, 2007

My Thoughts on Eve

Since becoming pregnant, I have thought a lot about women in the Bible. I will share with you some of my thoughts, beginning with Eve.

Eve was the first to ever be pregnant. Now, I have my doctor, mom, mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, and friends to talk about my pregnancy with. My questions get answered. Take a moment and think about what Eve had to feel through this pregnancy. Remember she was also pregnant with TWINS!

  • If she had morning sickness (she was the one that sinned and brought pain to childbirth, so I bet she also had morning sickness), you know she had to wonder why she can't get over her sickness.
  • All of the sudden she is tired. She doesn't know what to tell Adam. She just wants to sleep!
  • Suddenly, everything Adam does is annoying. Where is her sweet Adam?
  • What is happening to her body??? Everything is growing and is sore! You've got to bet she's wondering why.
  • What is all of this movement she feels? What could possibly be inside her?? (You know Cain and Abel had to be moving a lot!)
  • Once she figures out that there are humans growing in her...imagine her jaw dropping. How will these humans leave her body?? Now, she remembers God saying that there will be pain in childbirth. She knows it is going to hurt however it happens!

I just can't imagine being alone in all of this. Thanks to everyone that has answered my questions or has given me advice. I appreciate you!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lunch with College Roomies!

Lori, Shannon, and I were able to get together for lunch earlier this week. It is so fun to get together with these girls! We were not complete since Meredith wasn't with us. I guess we'll have to wait for homecoming for all four of us to be together. Lori's daughter is Faith and Shannon's daughter is Mallory. Shannon is about a week or two ahead of me in her pregnancy. I am so happy that we got together despite their hectic schedules.

18 Week Belly

I'm finally having a good week health-wise. :) :) :) Here are some shots of my growing belly. The baby is the size of a large sweet potato! I'm feeling movement a lot!

My Wonderful Husband

Michael is such a hard worker. Not only is he taking care of me during this pregnancy, he's working late (until 9 last night), studying for an exam, and he's updating our home. The wood floors only need a couple of finishing details and our tile will be grouted soon. Here are some pictures of his hard work.

Monday, July 09, 2007

The Waiting Game

If your checking this today to find out what we're'll have to wait another month. Sorry! As you may know, my doctor had been on maternity leave and we had a misunderstanding on when this oh-so-special sonogram was going to take place. I'll be 21 weeks when we find out. I know my mom is really disappointed, but we're relieved in a way. I was concerned that it might be too early (even though it has been possible to tell for about 2 weeks now) and we would either not be able to tell or be given incorrect information. I can't imagine having clothes and a nursery all ready for one sex and then bringing home a baby of the other sex! So we'll wait.

Even though I am not gaining any weight, the baby is growing and seems to be doing well. When we listened to the heartbeat today, we were able to hear the thuds of movement. That was cool. I feel flutterings sometimes, but I don't know if these flutterings are stomach grumblings are the actual baby. I'm looking forward to that first strong kick. I'm sure I will want the little guy/gal to take a rest when I try to sleep, but it will be exciting to feel the rascal.

I've kept it no secret that I am struggling with vomiting and nausea. I am sorry if you're tired of reading about it, but the good news is that I'm on different nausea medicine and may not feel bad anymore! I may sleep all day because of the medication, but hey, that's what summer vacation is for!

Saturday, July 07, 2007



I've been tagged by Shannon. Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile. I just can't be creative in any way but I can answer questions.
FYI: I may be moving back to my house after staying with my parents the last few weeks. Michael did a great job putting in the wood floors and I think the glue smell is finally gone. Thanks to Mom and Dad for putting up with us. Also, we'll find out the gender of Baby Hall Monday!

First Memory: It seems that I remember a lot from a night that my older brother, Brett, spotted a fire in an apartment on the way home from church. Mom informed me this week that I was about three years old. I remember the apartment complex, the street, us turning around to see it, and going to the nearest fire station to report it (pre-cellphone days). If y'all know Brett, this story will not surprise you.

First Real Kiss: I always struggle with this question. I think I kissed a boy in first grade, but I have no clue what his name is! I guess my first "kiss while on a date" came in college. I'm ashamed of it and will only tell my closest friends who this boy is.

First Concert: A true Church of Christ girl. I am pretty sure my first "concert" was Acappella. I just loved Duane Adams!

First Love: Michael was/is my first love!

First crush: Ha! The only reason why I know this is because my family says so. I must have had a crush on Michael Felker in 4 year old kindergarten.

First thing you think in the morning: Lately I've been asking myself, "Am I feeling sick?"

First book you remember loving: I loved the Babysitter's Club books. I later matured into Nancy Drew. I also loved those books that allowed you to choose different endings. Those were cool.

First pet: A white and gray cat named Bell. I loved her. Family hated her. She found a new family soon after we had her.

First question you'll ask in Heaven: I don't think we'll be asking questions.

First thing you think of when you hear the word vacation: Too sick to go. :(

First best friend: Laurie Lee.

Last time you dressed up: I dressed up to go to Senator Bob Hunter's retirement dinner party. I got ready in 20 minutes for that thing! Hair hot-rolled and evening gown to boot!

Last thing you ate: Some chocolate covered graham cracker cookies.

Last CD you bought: Probably a Sister Hazel CD. I want their latest too!

Last book you read: Greg Laurie's Are We Living in the Last Days? Short read and very interesting.

Last time you cried: This morning I was telling my mom how guilty I felt because I know I'm not eating how I should for the baby, but I just can't keep food down.

Last movie you saw: I fell asleep during the documentary called Maxed Out last night. Before, I watched Deja Vu in its entirety and loved it.

Last time you told someone you loved them: I told Michael about 5 minutes ago when he called.

Last really funny thing you did: That's tough. I've done some really funny things with my nieces and 2 year old cousins lately. Mostly just weird noises to make them laugh.

Last thing you watched on TV: Maxed Out before falling asleep.

Last Halloween costume: I guess I'm with Shannon. I think the last time I went trick or treating was sophomore year in college. I was a saloon girl.

Last Concert attended: I saw Casting Crowns not too long ago.

I tag Dad, Meredith, and Becky. Do if you like!