Thursday, October 27, 2005

Oh the game!

So Micahel and I went to the Stars game last night. He had won tickets for a donation he made to the United Way. He was lucky enough to be selected and we were lucky enough to sit in an awesome suite! It is the lower level suite on the blue line. We were fed dinner and a very delicious chocolate cake. The Stars scored 3, and then 4 goals to jump ahead of the first two goals scored by the Sharks. The Sharks came back. There was even a penalty shot that Turco blocked! Morrow took a penalty with a little more than 30 seconds left in the game. The Sharks pulled their goalie and had 6 men to our 4 men. They scored. We go into OT. We score!! Oh, but wait...the ref is waving his hands!!! The goal doesn't count!! The ref said he blew is whistle before the goal went in. Why did you blow the whistle, ref!?!?! Why didn't he keep his eye on the puck!!! So, OT continues and the guy that sent us into OT, sent us home very sad and shocked, as losers.

Another Article on Canon

Please take time to read an article on my cousin, Canon, who suffers from a rare liver disease. The family still needs to raise over $200,000 for the operation. Please continue to pray for the little fellow and that the transplant happens quickly.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Here's an engagement pic of Michael and me. I'm needing to post it to change my profile pic.

I was (gasp) observed today

Every teacher goes through it and every teacher hates it. It is The Observation. I was feeling a bit nervous because I just found out yesterday he was coming in and I had already known at that point that I had no clue on the subject matter facing me today. I was to teach about how meteorites caused extinction of species. I was never taught this, I didn't have to teach this last year, and I have no materials on it. So I spent all of last night taking information from about ten websites and I created a power-point and notes for the students. I knew going in that the principal evaluating me is not a science guy, but more of a music guy. I prayed that this would be something he didn't know about either and would just take what I gave him and not expect some great insight that I must be missing. He came in and the students asked great questions. I am so glad that I threw in a Christian viewpoint and an evolutionary viewpoint because I realized afterwards that this guy is not a Christian. He even asked me at what time humans evolved. He was great in adding his own personal touch. He learned in my class today that Iridium is a rare element caused by extraterrestrial material. He had been in a jazz club in Chicago named Iridium. He now understands why it was named that way. But overall, he thought the conversation was good- THANK YOU 3rd Period!!!- and he told the head principal about it. I am anxious to see what he wrote down on the evaluation.

BTW, don't get me wrong, principals walk in all the time to check out what I am doing, but an official observation is nerve-wracking.

Monday, October 24, 2005


My lovely husband is taking me to the Stars game on Wednesday night against the San Jose Sharks with his company's tickets. I am looking forward to experiencing an NHL game with my new hubby. I hope you saw Saturday night's game against Calgary. (Reminder: Sports Illustrated had Stars ranked as #21 and Calgary ranked as #1) This was the Stars second victory over Calgary and it was entertaining. A lot of hitting and a lot of skating. A lot of penalties called on the Stars too. I am tired of Turco getting stupid penalties. At least he usually wins. (Turco won # 100 Saturday.)


Michael surprised me Friday afternoon with 25 long-stemmed red roses. He asked why girls like getting flowers so much. My thinking is that it is so sweet to know that he wanted to surprise me with something and took time to think about and also buy the flowers.

Why must hurricane reporters stand IN the wind? I watched a reporter giving live information in the wind just now. He could barely stand or speak and there was a TREE blowing by behind him. What a horrible job.

We bought a rug last night to put in our den. I will give you the ridiculous details that went with that at another time. I've got to pick kids up from lunch.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

I guess $450 is worth your safety.

I've been putting off buying new tires for my little Honda. She (Ebby is what I like to call her) needed new ones around the end of August. I figured that since travel a total of 8 miles in her a day, I could put it off for a while. We ended up taking Ebby to Abilene last weekend because an SMU girl basketball player decided to hit Michael's car on Friday. That trip wore out Ebby. Michael had to put more air in her tires and they, and especially one in particular, are already low again. So after school, I'll be purchasing 4 new tires in order that my driving will be a bit safer. I wish they were about $50 each instead of over $100 each.

Michael will be leading the communion thoughts at church on Sunday. If you go to Richardson East or are a part of my family, you know what this means. Hopefully he will not make the same mistake as another and sit with the wrong lady after his prayers. I love how quickly this church has put Michael to work. Most people aren't asked to lead a Bible study group and do communion so quickly. I guess this church needs more people our age- it seems we're good for the teens.

Speaking of teens...I know that the teens at RE are very sad to learn that Houston has changed positions and won't be the youth minister anymore. I hope this group pulls together and leans on one another as a new minister is assigned. I pray that they realize that this is a great move for the CHURCH and that Houston is still around. They will get a good youth minister. Look at the history of youth ministers: Edd Eason, Dan Stevens, and Houston Heflin. They seem to know how to pick them.

Napolean Dynamite Commercials

These commercials are very funny IF you like Napolean Dynamite.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hurricane Wilma is now strongest ever in Atlantic

Hurricane Wilma is ths strongest hurricane ever recorded. Read the article here. I'm really contemplating the End Times.

Fears of tornadoes

Ever since I was really young, I have had nightmares about tornadoes. I recently had one where I was in my new house. I hadn't thought about where I should seek shelter. I ended up in the laundry the clothes dryer. The storm ripped through our house and I was sent flying through the air in the dryer, only to end up shooting out of it and having the dryer land on me. Where do I get this giant fear of tornadoes? I'm teaching on tornadoes in class and I am amazed by its beauty and power. I am very grateful that it is not May or April, but beautiful October. Let us hope that Hurricane Wilma does not spawn any tornadoes, especially way over here in Dallas!

Monday, October 17, 2005

This isn't about hockey

Well, due to mom's request, I will not blog about hockey. I will blog tonight about what I have floating through this brain of mine.

The 2005-2006 school year: This year has been different than every other year of teaching. I enjoy my classes, even my 7th period where boys outnumber the girls 1 to 5 or so. There is not a single student that I dread seeing. I have many boys that have crushes on me and claim that they are my true husband. These boys with crushes make life a lot of fun because they will do anything to please me or make me laugh. I am, for the first time ever, teaching the same thing twice. I am so much more confident in my knowledge and can present the information better. I love the topics we have hit upon so far this year. They changed up the calendar quite a bit and I'm spending 2 months on how the earth works and not on the periodic table. I would much rather talk about tornadoes and hurricanes than atomic numbers and atomic mass. I'm at a good school with good teachers and outstanding administrators.

Thank you notes: Will I ever get these out?? Can I just have a week to do nothing but this?

2nd Coming: I fear that I have been living life obsessing over finding a house, closing on a house, moving and painting, teaching, cleaning, thank you notes, wedding, being a good wife for Michael, dealing with trees falling all about me, grabbing every opportunity that may never come again (ACU's Homecoming on 100th year, weddings), that I never stop to think that our time may be drawing near. I fear that something may happen to Michael, but I don't think about something tragic happening to me (except when I do lesson plans). Therefore, I don't think about Jesus coming again. Dad wrote in his blog about Greg Laurie and a book that he wrote about the signs for the End of Days. ARTICLE I need to have an eye on the sky a lot more. This guy makes sense, and it is the thing we should be doing anyway. Come Lord!

2006 Honda Accord: Michael showed me the honda website last night about it and Dad sent an email today about it. It looks a lot like the Acura Michael wants so badly. It is also more expensive. Looks like an Accord will soon be a luxury car. Michael and I decided that we will always drive older Hondas.

ACU: What a grand place this is! I will always smile when I think about the memories made there. I am glad I'm out of that stage in life, but I think I will always love the quiet town of Abilene. Don't be surprised if I live there one day...there or Vancouver.

Blessings: I got another piece of free furniture today! That's another "Praise God."

I'm going to try to post some pictures tomorrow of Hurricane Katrina coming inland. What beauty storms can posses!

Pregnant friends: I have many, but I don't think they are telling everyone yet. May these babies develope well and be healthy!

Stars: (I HAVE to say something about hockey)I don't care that the Canucks beat them. I love the Canucks! We're still an awesome team that can play at home or on the road!

Friday, October 14, 2005

We WERE ranked 21st in the league!

Take this COLORADO! WINGS, watch out!

Western Conference
1 Detroit 8
2 Dallas 6
3 Edmonton 6
4 Nashville 8
5 Los Angeles 6
6 Minnesota 5
7 Vancouver 5
8 Colorado 4
9 San Jose 4
10 Anaheim 3
11 Phoenix 3
12 Calgary 3
13 Chicago 2
14 St. Louis 2
15 Columbus 2

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The New Mike Modano...or the old one...

I sure hope Mike left last season FAR behind him. This article shows what a respectable guy he is. I like to see pros give up money to stay with a team, especially after a friend takes away millions of your own money! I can't wait to see him skate and captain this team. PS - I really like what this article said about the blind man that heard him skate. How cool!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Last night was full of surprises

I went to bed last night with dreams of comeback goals and with the sweet taste of victory. I awoke to a big tree in my driveway. Michael leaves today for Abilene (maybe) and I can't get to work currently, so we are going to enjoy this extra time together as a gift. Hopefully I won't miss too much work. I've needed a day off anyway, let's hope it is a half day.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The One Whom I Adore

So I have been married for 1 month as of yesterday. I would have written then, but I was in a medicine-induced sleep. The word I think about when I think of my hubby, Michael, is: CONSTANT.

He is constantly patient with me.
He is constantly smiling.
He is constantly faithful.
He is constantly praying.
He is constantly working hard.
He is constantly looking for ways to make me happy.
He is constantly looking for ways to improve things.
He is constantly saying something funny with his dry humor.
He is constantly watching Seinfeld. And then...
He is constantly laughing.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

10th Planet Found?

There is no real definition for the word "planet." Astronomers found possibly a tenth planet that has its own moon. Get this- they named the planet Xena (after the Warrior Princess) and the moon, Gabrielle (after her sidekick). How stupid are those names?!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Are you ready for hockey season to start?

I've got Wednesday's game all set to be recorded, just in case something goes awry in my life and I miss it. Can anyone else hear Petra's "Dallas Stars" playing in their head?