Thursday, February 28, 2008

Audrey in Action

I was watching some video of Audrey on the tv today, but I got more of a kick watching her watch herself. I captured this after the video was over, but she was still pretty active.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's the Old Switcharoo Trick!

If you are like me, you really enjoyed watching Get Smart a few years ago. Despite how corny Agent 86 and Agent 99 were, I couldn't get enough. Now the Get Smart movie is coming with Steve Carrell as Max and Anne Hathaway as 99. I love both actors, but wonder if they can pull off this classic in a long movie. If you see this movie this summer, you must let me know if it is good. I probably won't see it until it is out in DVD form.

Seems like Dallas has gotten fond of the old switcharoo trick recently with the trades to bring Jason Kidd to the Mavs and Brad Richards to the Stars.

The Mavs have been a likable team for a handful of years now. Jason Kidd has brought strife before, will he again? I won't deny that he is an excellent guard, but is he good for the team? Let's hope so!

Can you believe I haven't followed hockey enough to know if I like the Stars' trade? I do know that I LOVE Jussi Jokinen and like Halpern and Smith. I do have faith in Brett Hull's opinion, so I will just have to see where Richards takes the Stars.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Audrey is 2 Months Old!!

Can you believe it? We've had this little (actually huge) blessing with us for two months! Would love to have taken pictures on Michael's birthday and on Valentines Day, but we all have been sick. We feel much better now, but Michael will be heading back to work...bummer.

Monday, February 04, 2008

It Has Been A Crazy Week!

Man, oh man! I am glad I have moved onto another week. Last week, Michael was supposed to start his paternity leave. Instead, his work sent him to Little Rock for what was supposed to be two weeks. So on Monday, I saw Michael off early in the morning. I am staying with my folks while he's away, so I had to pack all of my stuff and all of Audrey's stuff. I had just treated Audrey with another round of thrush medication and needed to sterilize her pacifiers. While they were boiling, I began packing in the bedroom. I totally forgot about the pacifiers until the whole house was filled with smoke and I had to deal with the Brinks smoke detector going off. Yep, I nearly started a fire! Very fortunately, things will be fine at the house.

Tuesday, I had a fever that went up to 102 and I had no other symptoms. My poor mom took care of me, my 6 week old daughter, my 1 yr old niece, and my 3 yr old niece. Miserable day for both of us I'm sure.

Wednesday and Thursday I felt better and I even got out shopping for Michael's birthday gift. But Thursday night, I noticed that the pain that I had been feeling in my abdomen since Monday was getting worse. I started to do some research and became frightened that I may need to have my appendix removed. I spoke to my sister-in-law about her appendicitis symptoms and felt better about it all.

Early Friday morning, I could barely take care of Audrey. I let her sleep in my bed instead of the crib so that I didn't have to get up. When I finally got out of bed Friday morning, I went to talk to my mom. We decided that I better see a doctor. I called my friend, Shannon, who had been an ER nurse. She confirmed that I needed to see someone. After totally altering everyone's schedule around me - Mom, Audrey, and I went to the ER. The doc thought it was appendicitis too. Michael schedules a flight to come back home early. I get a ct scan and appendicitis is ruled out but I have a suspicious ovary. I get a sonogram (SOOOOO PAINFUL!!) and they find that I have a cyst that is filled with blood. The doc prescribes pain meds and sends me home. The pain meds don't do much, but I get a big boost when Michael arrives! I had to stop nursing for 24 hours and we give Audrey formula. She develops a rash all over her body. I call the on call doctor and he highly doubts it is from the formula. The only way to know anything for sure was to go to the ER again! I wait to see what she looks like on Saturday.

Saturday, Audrey's rash is even worse. By this time, I'm pretty sure it is the formula. We're getting close to the time when I can nurse her, so I wait to see if she clears up with breastmilk. It is also my niece, Macie's, 1 yr birthday party. We have a big celebration and Audrey meets the one great-grandmother she had not met.

Sunday, the rash is gone! But I spilt grapejuice on her dress. :(