Friday, October 12, 2012

A Year in Review

Ok, so it's been just about a year since I blogged last. Some exciting things are happening in our lives, so I thought I should document it. I promise it won't be too long, but I just want to make sure I have this as a reference for later.

November 2011: I turned 32. We celebrated Thanksgiving, but it may have been a bit weird. You see, we were starting to go vegan and the holidays are a hard way to begin giving up eggs, milk, meat, and cheese. We had seen many documentaries that had us convinced that this was the healthiest way to eat. So, we may not have been perfect vegans, but we were beginning to go that direction.

December 2011: So why so bent on being super healthy? I really wanted another baby without the horror that is my autoimmune disease. We prayed so much about this and the desire for another baby wasn't going away, but getting much stronger. We began juicing. I had already bought a regular juicer, but if I was going to risk getting pregnant with this condition, I needed to fight it with the best. So, instead of using the money I had saved up to buy Michael an iPad for Christmas, I used that money and sold his laptop and bought the best juicer out there, the Norwalk. If you're confused about why I would juice for an autoimmune disease, please watch Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Watch it! It's amazing!

Audrey turned 4 and we had a Pamper yourself like a Princess party. You may know about my hesitation to do princess-y things, but she wanted a princess party. This was my way of avoiding the Disney princess at least. It was great. A bunch of girls came and got manis and pedis and made tiaras and such. I should post pictures of this later.

My oldest brother, Brett ran his first marathon here in Dallas. His wife, Jenny, and my older brother, Blake, ran the half. I drove around and cheered them on. It was about 34 degrees and rainy. Just awful weather to be out in, but they all did so well. Brett beat my dad's marathon time.

Christmas was at the Halls house. We did do some Christmas wih the Perkins's too.

January 2012 - February 2012: I just remember having several doctor appointments to try to find a doctor that would prescribe Low Dose Naltrexone while I was pregnant. It would look so promising and then the doctor would decide not to do it. I pretty much gave up on LDN and even tried one month to get pregnant, trusting in God that I would be able to handle whatever happened. It didn't work and I gave up trying because I didn't want another December baby.

March 2012: Julia turns two. And boy, she sure knows how to be a 2 year old! Oh! She also learned how to walk on her feet and not her knees at 21 months. Crazy girl! We had a simple, family, owl-themed party. Towards the end of the month, Julia got the dreaded hand, foot, mouth disease. Then Audrey got it. Then I got it. It. Was. Horrible! I was so thankful that I wasn't pregnant because if mommy has that illness during the first trimester, you could lose the baby.

April 2012: Great news! I found an OB that would prescribe LDN to me while I being pregnant! So, I hopped on a plane and flew to Phoenix to meet with her and discuss my disease. She thinks milk probably caused my disease. Thank goodness I had switched to being vegan! Oh, and Audrey's allergies and asthma have disappeared since we cut out so much milk and meat from her diet. Anyways, this doctor evaluated me and sent me home with a prescription! On the flight home, I find out that my brother's fourth child will be their first baby girl! Best day in a very long time! So I'm back home and I'm to take LDN for one month before trying for a baby.

May 2012: I'm taking my LDN and seein very few side effects. I'm getting hopeful!

June 2012: I'm pregnant! We tell family and a few friends that have been on this journey with us. And then I have a miscarriage. This was a tough time. I may or may not delve into this more later. Truly heartbreaking and made me question everything that I was doing. God, family, and friends really pulled me through this.

July 2012: We go on such a great vacation and stay with our friends, Mike and Ruth in Houston. We went to Schlitterbaun and Galveston Island. Had a blast, but poor Mike and Joshua became sick and we left hoping we had missed out on the illness.

August 2012: We're pregnant!! Due April 25. Oh my, it was so healing to be able to become pregnant again! Praise God!

September 2012: We decided to move to FW! We found a school there that we are super excited about. We think the girls will thrive there. Also, Michael has worked in FW for a year and we're ready to be closer to his work. And, we could use a bigger house with a new kiddo on the way. The decision was made in an instant and we're preparing to put the house on the market. We're sad to be moving further away from our friends and family, but we are so excited about what the future holds.

October 2012: I will be 13 weeks soon and I'll begin taking the LDN again. Please be in prayer that both the baby and I remain healthy and that we don't get the autoimmune disease. I have faith that God has led me to this point, and I will praise Him for this, regardless of outcome.

Thanks! And please excuse any typos as I typed this on my phone.