Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Feeling Blue

Yesterday, Audrey wore my favorite color, blue. I just love baby girls in this color! I really wanted to do her nursery in blue, but thought I might be taking it a little too far. I'm just not that into pink, so purple and green won. Below is Audrey in her Bumbo chair and also a video of her rolling onto her tummy this morning. I finally caught her doing it! I was thinking she was waiting for me to walk into the kitchen before she rolled!

I know you are wondering about my reactions to last night's hockey game...yeah right! Since I've already posted twice today and the Stars play again tonight, I will wait until tomorrow to post on how proud I am to be a Stars fan!

The Truth Comes Out!

I recently saw a news show with past Idol contestant (and Dallas Stars Anthem singer), Celina Rae. She spoke of how the show tries to get certain singers voted off. She showed the news host how the band's music was too loud when Carly was singing. She pointed out how it was frustrating Carly as she sang. Just one of the many ways American Idol tries to sway the vote.

Now, you probably know what happened last night on American Idol. If not, go here. Paula "Where's My Brain" Abdul couldn't follow the new format of judging. They had to hold their judgement until everyone sang one song and then quickly dole it out. She critiqued TWO of Jason Castro's songs when he only sang ONE. She said she looked at David Cook's notes, but she did not. She blasted the faux second song of Jason's. That would have been the criticism for David, but she said David was her favorite. ??? Could the judges or producers write out what they are going to say even before the song is sung? Is this just another way to sway the vote? What do you think? BTW, I thought Jason did a fantastic job! His and Syesha's were my favorites last night. I'm sure one of them will leave this week.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


My blonde baby. Becky, she loves the exersaucer!
When Audrey bites on her lower lip like this, Michael says she looks like an old man. What do you think?I just had to get a picture of her sleeping now that she has figured out how to take a nap again!
Audrey with cousins Maddie and Macie.Audrey just leaning back and enjoying the day.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Since I have made it known that little Miss Audrey hasn't been sleeping well lately, I should also let you know about the good stuff. Audrey slept for 9 1/2 hours straight last night!!! Can you hear what I hear? It's the choir singing Hallelujah!! Finally!

The Dallas Stars made it to the second round of the playoffs. We haven't done this in years! So now we are set up to play San Jose. Friday night is the first game and it starts at 10 pm. UGH! I don't like playing west coast teams! We should just play all of the games in Dallas. I sure wish I was at the last game. The Stars came from behind in the 3rd period and blew away the Ducks. American Airlines Center was rockin! I heard on the radio the next day that it was the best sporting event that the AAC has ever hosted. It was the first time a Dallas sports team ended a series there. Finally!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

4 Months Old!

We've made it to four months! My baby girl definitely does not act like a newborn anymore. She is a very opinionated young lady. She determines how she should be held, she cries any time something doesn't go her way, and she will let you know when she will or will not sleep! It hasn't been the easiest four months, but they still have been fun. We went to the doctor today for her checkup and Audrey got 4 shots and an oral. She still proves to be a skinny baby (25%) but isn't so tall anymore (70%). The doctor agrees with what seems like everyone says, she's an alert baby. He also says that all of this fussiness may just be her disposition. Although I'm VERY thankful that she is healthy, I sure wish there was something we could do to make her happy. Since we went to the doctor today, I don't have a 4 month picture yet. Here are a couple from the last week though - courtesy of Jill and Mom. This is the, "Don't mess with me" look.

I bought Audrey a Bumbo chair and a Baby Bjorn carrier last week. She loves both! I already had two carriers that were a different brand that she did not like. I noticed that every baby I saw in a carrier was in a Baby Bjorn and not my kind. For you new moms or about to be new moms out there, Baby Bjorn is the way to go! We've used it so much already!


Okay, on to things not about Audrey. Yesterday was the 3 year mark of when Michael proposed. It has been a great three years!! Yes, he proposed on tax day and it sure makes it easy to remember! Yesterday, my babe went to the doctor because he is sick. He bought me a card while he was getting his meds and wrote the sweetest things for me. He's even thoughtful when he's sick! He was sick on Valentines too. So much for trying to be romantic on special days. We just try to survive!

I'm losing my hair. A whole stinkin lot of hair! I am so thankful that the reason why I'm losing all of this hair is because I was blessed with a beautiful baby. The reason could be so much worse. Chemo, stress, or simple genetics would be worse. I read somewhere that if you don't want to lose it in clumps, to let your hair air-dry. I tried that yesterday. No thank you! Instead of getting rid all of the loose hair at the beginning of the day, I spent the day with the feeling of just having walked through a spiderweb. You know the feeling - little strings all over you that you can't see to take off. Audrey seemed to always have my hair in her hands or mouth.

I'll write more later, when Audrey is not requiring my attention. :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rolling Over

I've only seen Audrey roll over from tummy to back, but I know she has done the other way twice. I was able to get her rolling on camera. It was pretty easy since she does not like to be on her tummy!

Friday, April 11, 2008

One Year Ago Today

We found out we were pregnant. I was curious if I was, but did not want to waste a test. I had felt some pain in my side and was suddenly having bleeding gums and nose bleeds. I asked Michael if I could take the test in the morning and he said sure and that he would get up with me. So, on April 11, 2007, I woke up and told Michael I was going to do the test...and he stayed in bed! I looked and announced we were pregnant and I think it took awhile for it to sink in for Michael. He sat up and we hugged. That was it. Nothing cute or fancy, but still very special.

My Stars won their first playoff game last night, 4-0 BABY! I have to DVR the games and watch them during the day. Michael and I usually are watching a Season 1 LOST show after Audrey goes down at night. I spent the day with friends and a made sure that no one told me the results of last night's game. I was actually anxious all day just wondering how the game went.

Last night, Michael and I had our first date night! Ma and Poppy came over to keep Audrey while we tried out a new resaurant, Firefly. I loved the ambiance, but disliked the food and the price. Even Michael didn't like the food. I think we're accustomed to American-Asian food and maybe this was authentic Asian food. Very different - and I had salmon. We weren't there for very long, so we went for dessert at Nestle's. We didn't want to appear to not trust Michael's parents with Audrey! She did great! She slept for the two hours we were gone. BTW, she is catching up on her sleep that she has missed out all week long! I am not as tired as I should be. God has really taken care of me!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

After the wind and the rain...

...we made it! Last night I got up to check on Audrey at 3 am. She was wide awake and cooing! (even though she has refused to nap all week!) I knew she should be hungry so I began to nurse her. The rain began and I became scared. I usually don't freak out with storms, but I could tell it was really bad out there. I did not want to lay her back down in the crib next to the window. The power went out and since Audrey's noise machine went off, I could hear the tornado siren. I went back into our bedroom and woke up Michael and we took cover in our closet. He had his blackberry and we read that there was a tornado (or what could have been a tornado trying to form) headed towards Farmers Branch. I think we were in the closet until 4:30. Audrey didn't go back to sleep until 5:30. I laid in bed, listening to the sirens, wondering how bad it got out there. I took a walk this morning and there is quite a bit of damage on our street. Our power came back on not long ago and Audrey is taking her first nap of the week!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

More Pictures

We took the picture of the grandkids at Ma's house and it went fairly smoothly. Whew!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Rock N' Roll

Audrey rolled over today! I know most of you don't really care, but there are some of you out there that do. I was in the kitchen and I heard her begin to become unhappy. I walked into the den, where I had laid her on her back and she was on her tummy. She does not like tummy-time. Actually, she hates it. We did a better job today than ever when I did give her tummy-time. She was able to keep her head up over 1 minute without any fussiness. So let's hope this continues.

So, I think she's teething already. Drooling, fussiness, low fever, gnawing on everything, and her sleep is so inconsistent. Please let that tooth or teeth come in soon!

On other things that are not all about Audrey, Michael and I are now a fan of another TV show. It probably was a good thing that 24 did not start up this January since we needed to take care of a newborn. As things have settled down some, we may be in need of that one really good show. Jill and Landon have been trying to get us hooked on LOST for awhile. We had dinner with them Sunday night and they really, really wanted us to rent the pilot and watch it with us. I do believe I'm hooked. We've got the first season in our queue at Please don't tell me anything about this show since I'm not very far into it yet!

Last Friday night, we had one of Michael's best friends from high school and her husband over for dinner. We had so much fun! I hope we get to see Liz and Hunter often. I'm so glad they moved to Texas!