Friday, April 04, 2008

Rock N' Roll

Audrey rolled over today! I know most of you don't really care, but there are some of you out there that do. I was in the kitchen and I heard her begin to become unhappy. I walked into the den, where I had laid her on her back and she was on her tummy. She does not like tummy-time. Actually, she hates it. We did a better job today than ever when I did give her tummy-time. She was able to keep her head up over 1 minute without any fussiness. So let's hope this continues.

So, I think she's teething already. Drooling, fussiness, low fever, gnawing on everything, and her sleep is so inconsistent. Please let that tooth or teeth come in soon!

On other things that are not all about Audrey, Michael and I are now a fan of another TV show. It probably was a good thing that 24 did not start up this January since we needed to take care of a newborn. As things have settled down some, we may be in need of that one really good show. Jill and Landon have been trying to get us hooked on LOST for awhile. We had dinner with them Sunday night and they really, really wanted us to rent the pilot and watch it with us. I do believe I'm hooked. We've got the first season in our queue at Please don't tell me anything about this show since I'm not very far into it yet!

Last Friday night, we had one of Michael's best friends from high school and her husband over for dinner. We had so much fun! I hope we get to see Liz and Hunter often. I'm so glad they moved to Texas!


Ronni Jean said...

I love LOST - my last blog was even about it!

oh and hey - did you know that I occasionally read your blog? :)

Chad & Jennifer said...

Are you SURE you want that tooth to come in? Are you breast-feeding? Ouch!

Carolyn said...

She is beautiful! What a great family picture!

Shannon said...

Way to go Audrey! And, I'm with Jennifer. I hope she isn't getting her teeth yet:)

With Mallory, I always said "first tooth or six months". I stopped BF at 7 months and she got her first tooth a week after!

I don't think I even want to start Lost. I've heard it is very addicting!!

The Powell Family said...

Yikes! Teeth!! Fun time, wow how they change appearances. It really is neat to she your child grow and change.

I wanted to get into Lost and then I can never have a predictable schedule to watch. Bummer! Hope you enjoy it!

Kelly Litton said...

We LOVE Lost!!! We will discuss it anytime you want---but not give anything away!

Yay for Audrey rolling over!

Stephanie said...

Yay Audrey! Caleb wound up starting to roll over at three weeks because he absolutely hated being on his stomach too! People didn't believe me that he would roll over until I proved it to them!