Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Truth Comes Out!

I recently saw a news show with past Idol contestant (and Dallas Stars Anthem singer), Celina Rae. She spoke of how the show tries to get certain singers voted off. She showed the news host how the band's music was too loud when Carly was singing. She pointed out how it was frustrating Carly as she sang. Just one of the many ways American Idol tries to sway the vote.

Now, you probably know what happened last night on American Idol. If not, go here. Paula "Where's My Brain" Abdul couldn't follow the new format of judging. They had to hold their judgement until everyone sang one song and then quickly dole it out. She critiqued TWO of Jason Castro's songs when he only sang ONE. She said she looked at David Cook's notes, but she did not. She blasted the faux second song of Jason's. That would have been the criticism for David, but she said David was her favorite. ??? Could the judges or producers write out what they are going to say even before the song is sung? Is this just another way to sway the vote? What do you think? BTW, I thought Jason did a fantastic job! His and Syesha's were my favorites last night. I'm sure one of them will leave this week.


Lindsay said...

I can see that they would be swaying votes - but why Carly? I have not watched last nights show. Now I really want to watch it more.

LaShay & Steve said...

Hey Brooke! Love your blog!!! I wanted to thank you for your comments on my blog a while back... sorry I hadn't responded! It's fun to look on your blog and hear stories from Shannon about all of you guys (her old roomies). I can't believe you are all mommies now! How fun!!!!

I thought your comment about Paula on AI was hilarious! When I was watching it I was thinking "what did I miss??? What is she talking about?? Did our DVR skip all of their songs???" I was WAY confused!!! FUNNY times! Anyways... hope all is well with you!!!