Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Since I have made it known that little Miss Audrey hasn't been sleeping well lately, I should also let you know about the good stuff. Audrey slept for 9 1/2 hours straight last night!!! Can you hear what I hear? It's the choir singing Hallelujah!! Finally!

The Dallas Stars made it to the second round of the playoffs. We haven't done this in years! So now we are set up to play San Jose. Friday night is the first game and it starts at 10 pm. UGH! I don't like playing west coast teams! We should just play all of the games in Dallas. I sure wish I was at the last game. The Stars came from behind in the 3rd period and blew away the Ducks. American Airlines Center was rockin! I heard on the radio the next day that it was the best sporting event that the AAC has ever hosted. It was the first time a Dallas sports team ended a series there. Finally!


Carole said...

I just love that picture. She looks so angelic; not like someone who would EVER give you any trouble!

Micheal said...


i have learned the hard way not to call my dad when the Stars are on. There is either an awful lot of silence on the other end or I get a play by play analysis.

Hope all is well. I'll be rooting for the Stars and rooting for good nights full of sleep for you and your little girl!!!

Heather said...

Yea!! Glad she gave you a little break on the sleeping!

Lori said...

Yeah, Audrey!!! That is awesome!!! Faith started sleeping pretty good around 4 months too, so maybe that is "the time". Good luck and i hope she sticks with the long hours. I know it is good for Mommy and Daddy.

And all I have to say is you and your Stars. I miss all the hockey talk and games. It makes me think of when we dressed up like hockey players and you put mascara (aka: bat poop) on your teeth. Fun times!!

Shannon said...

I'm singing with you:)

And laughing at all of your Stars talk. It brings back lots of college memories!!