Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I thank God that He let me know Derek

I will always remember Derek. Few students touched me the way that he had. I pray that his witness continues to grow, even after his death. Thank you, Derek, for ALWAYS making me laugh after a long and tiring school day. You were one of the best.

Crash victim, 14, recalled as fun-loving, reliable
Carrollton: Teen faces manslaughter charge in wreck near R.L. Turner
12:00 AM CST on Tuesday, December 20, 2005
By BRANDON FORMBY and MARISSA ALANIS / The Dallas Morning News
Derek Elizondo was a fun-loving and popular teen who always tried his best to put a smile on people's faces.
As family and friends grappled Monday with his death, Carrollton police arrested the teenager they say was driving a pickup that flipped and ejected Derek from the bed. Six others were injured in the one-vehicle accident near R.L. Turner High last week.
"All he wanted to do was have fun," said Brandon Butler, 16, who had been friends with Derek since middle school. "It's just going to be really different without him."
Danny Joe Williams, 17, of Farmers Branch faces one count of manslaughter and three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, all second-degree felonies. Mr. Williams was being held Monday at Carrollton city jail. His bail is expected to be set today, police said.
Witnesses said Mr. Williams was speeding and swerving as he drove westbound on Cox Street on Dec. 12. Six teens were riding in the back of the truck, which is illegal for those under 18, police said. Some of the students in the truck were hitching a ride from the school to an athletic workout facility.
"God sends people to show us lessons," Herbert Bonilla, Derek's friend and a fellow football player, told WFAA-TV (Channel 8). "Anybody can learn from this lesson not to jump on the back of a truck."
Derek, 14, who suffered head injuries in the accident, died Sunday night. His viewing will be from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday at Christian Center Assembly of God, 13505 Josey Lane in Farmers Branch. His funeral will be at 1 p.m. Friday at the church.
To his coaches, Derek was a talented athlete with an extremely likable and dependable nature. Head wrestling coach Greg George said Derek had placed first in a duals tournament at a wrestling competition Dec. 10 at Lake Highlands High School. The coach said Derek had won eight of nine wrestling matches.
"It's just a shame to lose a young life like that," Mr. George said. "It's very tragic."
Head freshman football coach Gary Qualls called Derek an enthusiastic and reliable young man.
"He started on the 'B' team as a second string cornerback and ended up on the 'A' team in the last three games of the season, leading the 'A' team with three interceptions," Mr. Qualls said.
He spoke fondly of how Derek never missed his daily morning ritual known as "Coach's Corner" in which athletes could greet coaches and discuss anything.
"He was always there shaking my hand," Mr. Qualls recalled. "I could count on Derek every morning to come by and shake my hand with a smile on his face."
Mr. Qualls said that Derek was passionate about the ROTC program, of which he was a member.
In an interview with WFAA-TV, Derek's mother said it had become apparent how many lives her son had touched.
"My baby had more friends than what we actually realized. I mean there are many we didn't know," Marie Simpson said. "We knew a lot of them, you know, I mean, there's just so many more people coming out that we didn't realize were there."
On Monday, crisis counselors were available to help students, who are in the middle of final exams. Counselors were sent to the high school and Vivian Field Middle School, where Derek was a student last year. The counselors also will be on site today.
Angela Shelley, spokeswoman for the Carrollton-Farmers Branch school district, said the schools are working with students who are unable to take final exams because of the tragedy.
"Their emotional health is more important now," Ms. Shelley said. "We're doing everything we can to help those kids. We're a family, and we've got to take care of our own right now."
After the accident, Derek's personal Web site turned into a spot where people could receive updates on his condition. Word of his death Sunday night spurred teens to post heartfelt messages on Xanga.com, a popular site that hosts blogs.
Derek's father told WFAA-TV that he knows he'll have a difficult time adjusting to the loss of the son he was so close to.
"I know I can say that I am very proud to have been his dad and still am," Art Elizondo said.
WFAA-TV reporter Brad Watson contributed to this report.
E-mail bformby@dallasnews.com
and malanis@dallasnews.com

Monday, December 19, 2005

Derek is now with the Lord

May God comfort his family and friends.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sorry...I have no new information

I don't thinkI'll see Derek today. I hope to hear some news tomorrow at school.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Derek Update

They announced at school today that the doctors do not want visitors today (scratch my trip). Last night, he had so many guests that it agitated his system...too much stimuli I guess. I called his father and left a message on his cell phone that some teachers and I would be happy to bring them food and supplies. We understood that we wouldn't see Derek, but we wanted to help. I didn't get a reply, so we will try to visit him on Sunday. He could be in the hospital for a long time and Tiffany and I want to make it a weekly thing to see him. I also want to point out that the picture of Derek is a football picture. He usually is smiling, but football players are TOUGH, so no smiles! Derek is one of the happiest kids and has a very competitive spirit (which is good right now!). He is missing a karate belt ceremony tonight at my school. They are dedicating the ceremony to him. The school is also raising money to help with his medical bills. Please continue to pray for him and Brent (the other student that was injured).

Derek's Health

I tried to see Derek last night, especially after his friend that was sitting next to him on the truck visited me yesterday. That student said that Derek's parents were wanting visitors due to their concern of whether or not he would make it through the night. I was unable to find teachers to go with me after school, so I will go today. The student that was next to Derek was scraped up pretty badly. He has to keep watch to make sure he doesn't have a fractured skull, and he has one bad headache. These two students were two favorites of mine. Both are Christians and both have many adult and teen friends.

Report from a teacher who visited him last night:
He is in a chemically induced coma.
Obviously he is not able to talk or move.

I was able to visit with his Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt.

The doctors have a shunt drilled in the top right hand side of his skull, which dispels fluid from the swelling of the brain.

The plan, as of yesterday, is to try and wake Derek up from the chemically induced coma in nine more days.

He looks really good and strong.

I know you will pray for him.

Teen suffers brain injury from pickup overturn
09:07 PM CST on Tuesday, December 13, 2005

WFAA-TV Derek Elizondo
A Farmers Branch family has begun a bedside vigil for their teenage son who suffered a severe brain injury in a pickup truck accident Monday outside R.L. Turner High School.
Eight R.L. Turner High School students were on their way down Cox Street in Carrollton for wrestling and off-season football workouts at the field house when the truck flipped with six students in its bed.
Art Elizondo and Marie Simpson endured a long sleepless night while their son Derek went through surgery. Their wait for his recovery continued into Tuesday.
Also Online
Brad Watson reports
Student remains hospitalized after truck overturns
"He's going to pull out," Elizondo said. "He's going to pull out. God's going to take good care of him."
The parents said he is in critical condition with swelling of the brain and his recuperation could take up to a year.
"He's a strong kid," Simpson said. "He's a fighter. He's healthy, so he's going to come out of it one day at a time."
Derek was among six who rode in the truck's bed, despite state law that says no one under 18 can ride in the bed on a public street, and flew out as it overturned.
The students were heading from the high school to the field house, which was a few blocks away.
The school district said students without vehicles are told to walk, but one student said students pick up rides frequently.
"Yeah, they usually do it...but they're like going slow," said Nixon Portillo, a freshman at R.L. Turner High School.
R.L. Turner High School athletes who do drive to practice are being told by the school to obey traffic laws or face discipline.
"We just always remind them just how careful you have to be," said Bobby Burns, Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District.
Carrollton police said they are still investigating, and charges against the student driver who they said was speeding are still possible.
E-mail mailto:bwatson@wfaa.com?subject=wreck

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Former student in coma after accident

Click on the title to see a video.

The R.L. Turner High School football players and wrestlers were headed to the field house, which is blocks from the school campus.
Police said the 17-year-old driver lost control because of speed.
"He was swerving like that and hit a curb I guess," Rangel said. "And klunk, like that and the car tilted and we all fell out of the car."
Rangel said he believes the driver was swerving for fun. However, what bus driver Tommy Burns said he saw from the sidewalk wasn't fun.
"Just flipping, everything [was] just flipping," he said. "[I saw] kids in my vision, in my face and everywhere."
Under state law, no one under 18 can ride in the back of a truck on a public street.
Rangel's mother said after her fear dissolved to relief, she set her son straight.
"I had no idea he was riding in the back of a pickup," said Misty Rangel. "But he will not be doing that again."
Carrollton police and the school district are continuing their investigation.
WFAA-TV reporters Mary Ann Razzuk and Brad Watson contributed to this story.

He was one of my favorite students. He came back about a month ago to visit. Very active and polite teen. He was in football and karate. He never called me "Ms. Perkins" but "My favorite teacher." I'm sure he did that with all of his teachers!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Dad has made it!

My Dad is an airplane photographer whenever he finds the time. Sometimes, a magazine will pick up on his photographs and pay him to use the picture. This time, Dad got the cover! It is a picture of a Southwest plane. Seeing as I have a few friends that have SWA connections, maybe they can connect him to the Big Guy of SWA. Dad, what do you think?

Mavs game with FCA

This was really cool! It may have been the most disorganized event for students I've ever been at, but we, the Field teachers, we're on top of things. When we first got there (there being a field next to the AA center), we were the second or third school to arrive. The Mavs representatives handed our kids stacks of All Star ballots and told them to complete the 100 ballots for a free t-shirt. Our kids went after it! All of the other hundreds, if not thousands, of kids were walking around, causing chaos. Our kids were gathered on the sidewalk, intent on finishing the ballots. We then gathered in front of a stage where Coach Avery Johnson spoke to us. He pulled a raffle ticket to give a basketball that was signed by all of the Mavs. The raffle tickets were given to the students that completed the 100 All Star ballots. I think only our kids completed the ballots and a Field boy won the ball. Johnson spoke about being saved in 1989 in New Orleans. He wanted our kids to stay strong and succeed my being a slave to God. The kids loved it! I loved seeing him and shaking his hand. (I was in charge of keeping our kids away from the Rockwall kids (and their pretty girls) to form a path for Johnson to come down. I felt like a bouncer in a way!) We went to the game. These kids NEVER get to do things like this. They chanted every chant that was thrown on the jumbotron and sang every song on the PA system. They had the time of their lives. When we left, our bus had to go down a steep hill. The tail pipe was crushed as we went down and the air had to escape somewhere else and made this hissing sound. We had to call for help because it wasn't safe for us to drive. Luckily, the AA Center sent someone with a crowbar to open up the tail pipe. I was so relieved that we didn't have to wait for another bus to arrive! All in all, the kids had a great time and we got to talk to them about God. I just wish it didn't take my 4:00 to 11:00 of a Saturday away from me. Oh, BTW, the Mavs won! The Cowboy game Sunday was great too!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Curt Baker's White Elephant Gift

Last night I saw Curt Baker for the first time in a long time. I hadn't seen him since he got back from Africa. We had a white elephant gift exchange. Curt didn't know I was coming and his gift proves it. His gift was a bag of "junk." As the girl was opening her gift, she was looking through pictures and commented, "Who are these people?" I look and I see Michael's and my engagement picture! Also, there was a picture of Choo on the 8th grade basketball team, Michael Felker on the high school soccer team, and Curt's senior picture. I grabbed the pictures so they wouldn't be tossed by a stranger. Michael and I had thought to give one of our picutures as a gift, but I can't believe Curt did!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Brrrr....It is cold outside!!

Today I get to teach school because the weather interfered with the two-day training I was suppose to attend. It is better that I am at school. I have something easy to do because I had planned for the sub. It also is going by a lot faster than if I were sitting in a boring training.

This afternoon should be fun. There is an FCA meeting today and I will lead a discussion about being in the Word. Ouch....I need to be doing more of that.

Tonight, there is a white elephant gift party. I won't say what our gift is, but it is so white elephant! I can't wait to see our old friends.

Tomorrow, the FCA group and I are going to the Mavericks game. Before the game, Avery Johnson is going to speak to the kids. How awesome it is to have a Christian coach in the NBA talking with the kids in the community.

Sunday, I will hopefully go to church for the first time in two weeks. Richardson East is having a special contribution for a new sound system. The old one is twenty years old and can't support our larger praise team. I can't wait to hear the new system come January. Michael and I will also do the ROCK group thing. I have missed those kiddos.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Will we ever both be healthy during our marriage???

Michael and I both went to the doctor on Sunday. It is a lot more fun to go to the doctor when you don't feel THAT bad, but you just can't get over a sickness and you go with your best friend. Michael and I keep passing a sickness to each other. I got the illness first (from Thanksgiving week with my family) and gave it to Michael and he gave back to me and I to him. He got the illness because he has allergies and was susceptible to get it. He then got a steroid shot in the hip. My "cold" got so bad that I got pink eye and have to put in these miserable drops. Together, we have eight different prescriptions. So many crazy things have happened to us since we said "I do." Will life ever become normal again?

I did get to put up the Christmas tree on Sunday since I didn't go to church or Bible Study. That really makes a house feel like a home.

We visited Michael's family Saturday night after we heard that Dad-Dad died. We were being careful to not touch the children and to keep our hands washed. The family decided that their family's cure to a cold would help us - a couple of spoonfuls of whiskey. Wow! That was something else! I'm glad we didn't get pulled over on the way home. We had spilt some of the whiskey when we went over a speed bump. The car reeked of alcohol. (We didn't take our "medicine" until we were home.)

Michael's mom sent over some homemade chicken noodle soup for us Sunday. She also made breadsticks to go with it. It was SO GOOD! I will need to learn how to do this.


Michael's grandfather, Dad-Dad, passed away on Saturday. Here is his obituary.

Lee Roy Hall

Lee Roy Hall, affectionately called "Sonny" by his family, passed away December 3, 2005 in Midland.He was born July 22, 1930 in a tent in McCamey, Texas to Charles and Freddie Lou Hall. Lee Roy was raised in Monahans and Midland, and graduated from Midland High School in 1948. He then attended Abilene Christian College where he met the love of his life, Lois Jean Smith. Lee Roy and Jean were married September 2, 1949 in Abilene, Texas at the 14th and Vine Church of Christ. Lee Roy and Jean set up house in Midland where they lived in a house they built themselves. Lee Roy had numerous occupations; shoe salesman, farmer, railroad agent, life insurance salesman, real estate manager and his favorite job was his most recent, as a crosswalk guard at Rusk Elementary. If you knew Lee Roy, you will remember his big blue eyes and his beautiful big white toothed salesman smile and some of his favorite sayings; "A third and a third and a third", "I'm two hundred pounds of walking romance", "You have a duty to your audience", "It's those inherited characteristics", "Nice, neat, straight and complete" and calling his Jean "Dynamite". Lee Roy and Jean are charter members of Golf Course Road Church of Christ. Lee Roy was preceded in death by his father, Charles Robert Hall; his mother, Freddie Lou Hall; his brother, Alton Layfette Hall; his sister, Vina Rue Hall; and his granddaughter, Marie Meador.He is survived by his wife of 56 years, Jean Hall of Midland; his seven children, David Hall of Carrolton, TX, Wayne Hall of Houston, TX, Sarah Meador of Arlington, TX, Mark Hall of Houston, TX, Ted Hall of Cartwright, OK, Shelley Beaver of Denver, CO and Shawna Roland of Greeley, CO; seventeen grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren; his brother, Fred Hall and his sister, Loreitta Black.The family will receive friends at Ellis Funeral Home Monday, December 5, 2005 between the hours of 6:00 and 8:00 P.M.Funeral services will be at 11:00 A.M. Tuesday, December 6, 2005 at Golf Course Road Church of Christ with Ronnie White officiating. Interment will follow at Resthaven Memorial Park. Arrangements are under the direction of Ellis Funeral Home.Pallbearers will be his grandsons, Clint Hall, Neil Hall, Ryan Hall, Michael Hall, Jordan Hall, Mark T. Dyke and Quade Roland. Honorary pallbearers are Ray Blackwell, Charlie Smith, Mike Houston, Royce Howard, Ed Stewart and Zach Beaver. Published in the Midland Reporter-Telegram on 12/5/2005.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday's Thoughts

I hope everyone had a good week!

Sickness: I was sick Saturday and Sunday and was feeling pretty bad Monday. Michael felt bad on Monday and Tuesday, took Wednesday off, worked too hard on Thursday and I think he is taking today off. We both have been sick a lot since we've been married. Shaun and Andrew came over on Sunday and I was sick on the couch. The last time they were there, like a week earlier, I was sick on the couch. I hope they don't think Michael makes me sick!

Wedding: The wedding is nearly officially over! Mom and I are finishing the photograph stuff today. I can't wait to not have a wedding item on my to do list! This has been going on since April!

Canon: Canon is doing well after his successful liver transplant. God is so good!

Stars: I hear they are doing well. I don't get to watch the games anymore because I don't get FSW.

3 months: Tomorrow marks 3 months of marriage! Last month, Michael had food poisoning. Looks like he'll have a sore throat this time around. He wears himself out working so hard.

December: Is anyone else shocked that it is already December?

Monday, November 28, 2005

By request - Our Honeymoon

For our honeymoon, Michael and I went to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Luckily, we chose to stay away from the Gulf of Mexico, as we knew it would be hurricane season, but we had know idea that NO would be feeling the blues from Katrina while we were honeymooning. It is weird to be in another country and hear nothing but US news the entire time we were there. Michael and I stayed at the Omni Hotel in Las Colinas before heading to BC on Sunday. We arrived very hungry during the early evening and ate at an airport restaurant. We stayed at the Fairmont which is located at the airport. The first day, we went to Whistler, BC, where the Winter Olympics will be held. BEAUTIFUL! The drive there was magnificent. They call the highway, sea to sky highway, and for good reason.

We walked around and ate lunch in Whistler. On the way back, we stopped by Shannon Falls. We took a nice hike to see this beautiful waterfall.

By the time we got back to Vancouver and enjoyed dinner and some shopping, it was time to plan our next trip. We were headed to Victoria Island. After an expensive ferry ride, we ate lunch at DALLAS CAFE! Here we are next to the cafe.

A funny story about the ferry ride back. I had commented to Michael about how remarkably quiet the boat was. I told him there would be know way this many people would be this quiet in Dallas. After a while, we realized that 25% of the passengers were deaf! They were attending a wedding between two people that were deaf! It was so funny!

The next day, we went to Stanley Park. Stanley Park is next to downtown Vancouver. This is where many of the well-fit residents run, rollerblade, ride their bikes, or walk. It's gorgeous! They also have an aquarium there. We saw baloogas ?sp?, sea otters, and really funny sea lions. Below are some pics.

Did you see the black squirrel? I've never seen one of those before!

Vancouver is so beautiful! We had 70 degree weather the whole week. It was so nice!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Random Thoughts

Age 26: I turned 26 last Monday. At age 26, I have achieved the dreams I had immediately following college. I have that middle school science job in a good school that is located close to home. I have a wonderful, caring, and Christian husband that treats me like a princess and is my very best friend. I am involved with the youth in my home church. I can feel the presence of many people who love me and work hard for me when I need help.

Michael: This sweet guy is so thoughtful. He sent a dozen roses to my work for my birthday. He took me to a wonderful and romantic Italian place for my birthday dinner. He is taking me to the Stars game tonight. All of that is great, but he brings me joy each day because of his love and support. God truly has someone special waiting for everyone and Michael is my perfect match.

Thanksgiving Break: hallelujah that I am hours away from my week-long break!!! I pledge here today that every thank you note will be written next week and mailed! I will clean up the house and hopefully wash clothes after the washing machine is fixed or replaced.

Nieces and Nephews: I have the greatest nieces and nephews in the world, on both Michael's and my sides. I loved hearing Ashley singing Happy "Bwerthday" on my voice mail. I can't wait to play with Zach, hug Maddie, and hold and watch Ethan next week. Ethan is growing up so fast that I'm sure I wouldn't recognize him on the street. (I tried to add more pics here, but I can't do it!)

Malls: I hate going to the Galleria because it is for the wealthy and people dress up to go there. That is not my kind of place. So, I like going to Valley View. That's more on my level. I went to Dillards to buy my makeup the other day. I had some comments made to me by some high school kids that made me very uncomfortable. I guess I'll be going to the fancy Galleria from now on.

Friday: This is the best day in the world. I always make my lessons for Fridays a little more relaxed. I love knowing that after 4 (sometimes 6:30) I am free for a couple of days. I love the idea of staying up later than 10:30. I love knowing that I can sleep in on Saturday. Fridays are meant for Stars and Mavs games. What a perfect way to celebrate the end of the week!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Voter Registration Card

I received my voter's registration card Saturday. This is just days after I convinced a guy at the polls to at least let me provisionally vote. I was nowhere in the records that are "constantly" being updated. I am blown away by the government's lack of being "user-friendly." (this is the best word I can come up with) I have to change my name, but the government has made it very difficult. It was also very inconvenient to obtain my marriage license. I had to wait so long to receive my new social security card that my deadline to change my insurance came and went. (Basically, I had 2 weeks to change my insurance while SSA mailed me saying that I would have my card in one week) Luckily, the district was understanding and changed my insurance after the deadline. Can we at least convince the government to have their offices opened more than 4 days a week and longer than 8:00 to 4:00? How about opened on a Saturday and open till 5:00??


I watched the movie, JFK, on TV this weekend. I understand that this is a movie and that Oliver Stone took liberties to create this propaganda movie. I am now at a loss of what to think. I grew up watching documentaries explaining how there is no conspiracy. But I do wonder about the questions that are left unanswered. Here are a couple of articles that speak about different theories. Oliver Stone shows many theories in the movie, but concentrates on how Oswald wasn't even a shooter in the assassination. I am more willing now, after watching the movie, to believe that there was more than one shooter. What were the motives in killing Kennedy? I would love to know the truth, and I may live long enough to see it. What do you think is the truth?

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Evolution, God, and Science

I just read an article on how scientists are trying to improve people's understanding of science. They compare a young girl to a chimpanzee. They talk about how DNA evolved and so here we are. I also came home Friday and Michael showed me a Discovery channel show that he DVRed on how we were once apes. The show took so much liberty. They basically took how humans act today and just turned those humans into apes. They acted nothing like the apes I see today. If we are from apes, why are there still apes "stuck" in today's world? The article also said there is no room for God in science. HA! I wish the writer of the article could meet John Clayton. John Clayton was an atheist, turned Christian through his studies in science. I have recently been swapping emails with him because we are both public school science teachers. Funny, my students don't know that there isn't any room for God in science because they sure ask me a lot of religious questions on nearly every topic in science. Ps. 19:1 - "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the works of his hands." My kids, most of whom are not Christians, are moved to ask religious questions when they learn more and more science. I am offended when I am told that my ancestors are apes. I am made in the image of God and I am "fearfully and wonderfully made" (Ps 139:14).

BTW, Michael is feeling much better now.

Stars beat the Avs in a shootout and the Mavs beat the Spurs.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Stars win 9-1, and I missed the game!

Stu Barnes scored a hat trick and the Stars beat the Hawks 9-1! I can't believe I missed this! I was woring with FCA Friday after school and knew I had to get up early on Saturday for a field trip, so I went to bed really early. Tonight is a good sports night with Mavs/Spurs and Stars/Avs. Go Dallas!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Food Poisoning!

Michael had food poisoning from some salmon he ate Wednesday night. He was so very miserable Thursday. I think he was vomiting for 13 hours. He called me at work and we went to see a doctor. Funny thing was, I had no clue which doctor or which office he had an appointment with. I couldn't find out from Michael because the poor guy was in the bathroom being miserable...and he really was so out of it that he didn't know either. Thankfully, everyone at this medical center was very nice and we used a phone number to locate the correct doctor. I went into 3 doctors' offices before getting the correct one. I was able to call Michael and direct him to which floor and office. Then the receptionist was so nice and took care of Michael by bringing him cups of water. He got some meds and today is feeling much better. I am so thankful for everyone who helped me out yesterday, whether it was at school or at the medical center.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Oh the game!

So Micahel and I went to the Stars game last night. He had won tickets for a donation he made to the United Way. He was lucky enough to be selected and we were lucky enough to sit in an awesome suite! It is the lower level suite on the blue line. We were fed dinner and a very delicious chocolate cake. The Stars scored 3, and then 4 goals to jump ahead of the first two goals scored by the Sharks. The Sharks came back. There was even a penalty shot that Turco blocked! Morrow took a penalty with a little more than 30 seconds left in the game. The Sharks pulled their goalie and had 6 men to our 4 men. They scored. We go into OT. We score!! Oh, but wait...the ref is waving his hands!!! The goal doesn't count!! The ref said he blew is whistle before the goal went in. Why did you blow the whistle, ref!?!?! Why didn't he keep his eye on the puck!!! So, OT continues and the guy that sent us into OT, sent us home very sad and shocked, as losers.

Another Article on Canon

Please take time to read an article on my cousin, Canon, who suffers from a rare liver disease. The family still needs to raise over $200,000 for the operation. Please continue to pray for the little fellow and that the transplant happens quickly.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Here's an engagement pic of Michael and me. I'm needing to post it to change my profile pic.

I was (gasp) observed today

Every teacher goes through it and every teacher hates it. It is The Observation. I was feeling a bit nervous because I just found out yesterday he was coming in and I had already known at that point that I had no clue on the subject matter facing me today. I was to teach about how meteorites caused extinction of species. I was never taught this, I didn't have to teach this last year, and I have no materials on it. So I spent all of last night taking information from about ten websites and I created a power-point and notes for the students. I knew going in that the principal evaluating me is not a science guy, but more of a music guy. I prayed that this would be something he didn't know about either and would just take what I gave him and not expect some great insight that I must be missing. He came in and the students asked great questions. I am so glad that I threw in a Christian viewpoint and an evolutionary viewpoint because I realized afterwards that this guy is not a Christian. He even asked me at what time humans evolved. He was great in adding his own personal touch. He learned in my class today that Iridium is a rare element caused by extraterrestrial material. He had been in a jazz club in Chicago named Iridium. He now understands why it was named that way. But overall, he thought the conversation was good- THANK YOU 3rd Period!!!- and he told the head principal about it. I am anxious to see what he wrote down on the evaluation.

BTW, don't get me wrong, principals walk in all the time to check out what I am doing, but an official observation is nerve-wracking.

Monday, October 24, 2005


My lovely husband is taking me to the Stars game on Wednesday night against the San Jose Sharks with his company's tickets. I am looking forward to experiencing an NHL game with my new hubby. I hope you saw Saturday night's game against Calgary. (Reminder: Sports Illustrated had Stars ranked as #21 and Calgary ranked as #1) This was the Stars second victory over Calgary and it was entertaining. A lot of hitting and a lot of skating. A lot of penalties called on the Stars too. I am tired of Turco getting stupid penalties. At least he usually wins. (Turco won # 100 Saturday.)


Michael surprised me Friday afternoon with 25 long-stemmed red roses. He asked why girls like getting flowers so much. My thinking is that it is so sweet to know that he wanted to surprise me with something and took time to think about and also buy the flowers.

Why must hurricane reporters stand IN the wind? I watched a reporter giving live information in the wind just now. He could barely stand or speak and there was a TREE blowing by behind him. What a horrible job.

We bought a rug last night to put in our den. I will give you the ridiculous details that went with that at another time. I've got to pick kids up from lunch.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

I guess $450 is worth your safety.

I've been putting off buying new tires for my little Honda. She (Ebby is what I like to call her) needed new ones around the end of August. I figured that since travel a total of 8 miles in her a day, I could put it off for a while. We ended up taking Ebby to Abilene last weekend because an SMU girl basketball player decided to hit Michael's car on Friday. That trip wore out Ebby. Michael had to put more air in her tires and they, and especially one in particular, are already low again. So after school, I'll be purchasing 4 new tires in order that my driving will be a bit safer. I wish they were about $50 each instead of over $100 each.

Michael will be leading the communion thoughts at church on Sunday. If you go to Richardson East or are a part of my family, you know what this means. Hopefully he will not make the same mistake as another and sit with the wrong lady after his prayers. I love how quickly this church has put Michael to work. Most people aren't asked to lead a Bible study group and do communion so quickly. I guess this church needs more people our age- it seems we're good for the teens.

Speaking of teens...I know that the teens at RE are very sad to learn that Houston has changed positions and won't be the youth minister anymore. I hope this group pulls together and leans on one another as a new minister is assigned. I pray that they realize that this is a great move for the CHURCH and that Houston is still around. They will get a good youth minister. Look at the history of youth ministers: Edd Eason, Dan Stevens, and Houston Heflin. They seem to know how to pick them.

Napolean Dynamite Commercials

These commercials are very funny IF you like Napolean Dynamite.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hurricane Wilma is now strongest ever in Atlantic

Hurricane Wilma is ths strongest hurricane ever recorded. Read the article here. I'm really contemplating the End Times.

Fears of tornadoes

Ever since I was really young, I have had nightmares about tornadoes. I recently had one where I was in my new house. I hadn't thought about where I should seek shelter. I ended up in the laundry room...in the clothes dryer. The storm ripped through our house and I was sent flying through the air in the dryer, only to end up shooting out of it and having the dryer land on me. Where do I get this giant fear of tornadoes? I'm teaching on tornadoes in class and I am amazed by its beauty and power. I am very grateful that it is not May or April, but beautiful October. Let us hope that Hurricane Wilma does not spawn any tornadoes, especially way over here in Dallas!

Monday, October 17, 2005

This isn't about hockey

Well, due to mom's request, I will not blog about hockey. I will blog tonight about what I have floating through this brain of mine.

The 2005-2006 school year: This year has been different than every other year of teaching. I enjoy my classes, even my 7th period where boys outnumber the girls 1 to 5 or so. There is not a single student that I dread seeing. I have many boys that have crushes on me and claim that they are my true husband. These boys with crushes make life a lot of fun because they will do anything to please me or make me laugh. I am, for the first time ever, teaching the same thing twice. I am so much more confident in my knowledge and can present the information better. I love the topics we have hit upon so far this year. They changed up the calendar quite a bit and I'm spending 2 months on how the earth works and not on the periodic table. I would much rather talk about tornadoes and hurricanes than atomic numbers and atomic mass. I'm at a good school with good teachers and outstanding administrators.

Thank you notes: Will I ever get these out?? Can I just have a week to do nothing but this?

2nd Coming: I fear that I have been living life obsessing over finding a house, closing on a house, moving and painting, teaching, cleaning, thank you notes, wedding, being a good wife for Michael, dealing with trees falling all about me, grabbing every opportunity that may never come again (ACU's Homecoming on 100th year, weddings), that I never stop to think that our time may be drawing near. I fear that something may happen to Michael, but I don't think about something tragic happening to me (except when I do lesson plans). Therefore, I don't think about Jesus coming again. Dad wrote in his blog about Greg Laurie and a book that he wrote about the signs for the End of Days. ARTICLE I need to have an eye on the sky a lot more. This guy makes sense, and it is the thing we should be doing anyway. Come Lord!

2006 Honda Accord: Michael showed me the honda website last night about it and Dad sent an email today about it. It looks a lot like the Acura Michael wants so badly. It is also more expensive. Looks like an Accord will soon be a luxury car. Michael and I decided that we will always drive older Hondas.

ACU: What a grand place this is! I will always smile when I think about the memories made there. I am glad I'm out of that stage in life, but I think I will always love the quiet town of Abilene. Don't be surprised if I live there one day...there or Vancouver.

Blessings: I got another piece of free furniture today! That's another "Praise God."

I'm going to try to post some pictures tomorrow of Hurricane Katrina coming inland. What beauty storms can posses!

Pregnant friends: I have many, but I don't think they are telling everyone yet. May these babies develope well and be healthy!

Stars: (I HAVE to say something about hockey)I don't care that the Canucks beat them. I love the Canucks! We're still an awesome team that can play at home or on the road!

Friday, October 14, 2005

We WERE ranked 21st in the league!

Take this COLORADO! WINGS, watch out!

Western Conference
1 Detroit 8
2 Dallas 6
3 Edmonton 6
4 Nashville 8
5 Los Angeles 6
6 Minnesota 5
7 Vancouver 5
8 Colorado 4
9 San Jose 4
10 Anaheim 3
11 Phoenix 3
12 Calgary 3
13 Chicago 2
14 St. Louis 2
15 Columbus 2

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The New Mike Modano...or the old one...

I sure hope Mike left last season FAR behind him. This article shows what a respectable guy he is. I like to see pros give up money to stay with a team, especially after a friend takes away millions of your own money! I can't wait to see him skate and captain this team. PS - I really like what this article said about the blind man that heard him skate. How cool!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Last night was full of surprises

I went to bed last night with dreams of comeback goals and with the sweet taste of victory. I awoke to a big tree in my driveway. Michael leaves today for Abilene (maybe) and I can't get to work currently, so we are going to enjoy this extra time together as a gift. Hopefully I won't miss too much work. I've needed a day off anyway, let's hope it is a half day.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The One Whom I Adore

So I have been married for 1 month as of yesterday. I would have written then, but I was in a medicine-induced sleep. The word I think about when I think of my hubby, Michael, is: CONSTANT.

He is constantly patient with me.
He is constantly smiling.
He is constantly faithful.
He is constantly praying.
He is constantly working hard.
He is constantly looking for ways to make me happy.
He is constantly looking for ways to improve things.
He is constantly saying something funny with his dry humor.
He is constantly watching Seinfeld. And then...
He is constantly laughing.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

10th Planet Found?

There is no real definition for the word "planet." Astronomers found possibly a tenth planet that has its own moon. Get this- they named the planet Xena (after the Warrior Princess) and the moon, Gabrielle (after her sidekick). How stupid are those names?!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Are you ready for hockey season to start?

I've got Wednesday's game all set to be recorded, just in case something goes awry in my life and I miss it. Can anyone else hear Petra's "Dallas Stars" playing in their head?

Friday, September 30, 2005

I am a little upset...

Some people think teachers are dumb. Why? Didn't each one of you learn from a teacher? There was a guy that posted on Mike Cope's blog today(post was on the TAKS test). Here is what he had to say:
"The reason we have a TAKS test in Texas is because teachers were not doing their job. The TAKS is one standard of accountability in a place where you seem to want no accounability.The reason college students go into teaching is because after 12 years of watching it modeled for them they know that they could do at least as well. Try watching Jeopardy with an elementary education major sometime. They don't know jack, save the one or two examples you could give me."
He doesn't know what he's talking about.

I Hate Roaches

It seems that Farmers Branch is swarming with roaches. At school, home, out and about...I've killed roaches all week. I can handle all of the plagues of Abilene (beetles, crickets, moths, worms...) but I absolutely hate roaches. WHY oh WHY did God create bugs?

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Why can't DISD get it right?

I've been reading my dad's blog and it is making me very mad. Why can't DISD fix their problems? Why can't they lay down the law? Every school has its own set of problems, but DISD has always had a hard time getting out of them. My district has problems, but man...I'm at a great school that lays down the law. These kids can't get with anything. I'm so grateful for that! Thank you CFBISD!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Rita in Dallas

As Michael and I were exchanging stuff at Target, under the ominous clouds of Rita, a strong wind must have blown by our house and knocked down this tree limb. It was crazy! This is the only wind damage we've seen at all! This branch was healthy and it is very heavy. Michael says he isn't moving it. I guess I'll have to do something about it myself. j/k We haven't seen any rain, which is unbelievable since the clouds that passed us yesterday were so scary looking. I am so thankful that Rita missed Galveston and Houston the way it did. That would have been so horrible. Poor folks in Louisiana.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Michael is a huge Seinfeld fan. We record 4 Seinfeld shows a day (it could be more...thankfully he stopped at 4) and he has the DVD's. How did Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld come up with so many funny pointless shows? Twice this week, I had teachers refer to a Seinfeld quote in their everyday conversations. Luckily, I've seen nearly every show and understand what they are talking about. You probably are well acquainted with the ideas of Festivus, the soup nazi, of when are we going to see the baby, of how pez can make you laugh at inappropriate times, and so on. So many ideas, so funny, and so pointless. How did they do it....???

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I've been married a full 2 1/2 weeks now. Everyone seems to ask me, "How's married life." What a funny question to answer. Do they think I will answer in a negative way at all?? Well, married life is so good. What a wonderful feeling to know that I will have this man that I love so much for the rest of my life. I know that some of you that have been married for many years are laughing at me now, but I CLEARLY remember being single. I had so many good friends in Abilene while I was at ACU. Moving to Dallas and experiencing the "real world" was very hard without someone to lean upon. I lost all of my best friends in a way and went through some of my toughest times without them. I remember going through holidays and birthdays without that someone that you love dearly being by you. Loneliness is simply very depressing. I remember how I couldn't wait for summer or Christmas to be over so that I could go back to college and see my closest friends. Single life was like the longest summer ever, but without that hope of going back. It is the sweetest feeling to be with the one you love the most and consider your best friend and know that he will be there each and every day, no matter what is thrown your way. I also don't have to "avoid" certain members of the male species. I'm taken, end of story. It is so hard to talk with my single girlfriends as they go through the same battles I went through. They hate to hear that "the right one will come along"- I hated hearing that. But, it is so true. You have to be patient and trust in the Lord that He is working in your life, even though you feel He has walked away. So that being said, married life is great and Michael makes me very happy!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I wonder...how many Americans lock themselves out of their homes each year?

Maybe Brett can find a stat on that for me. Today as I waited for the phone guy to show (never did), I was also awaiting a couple of friends to come by for a visit. I recently helped a friend from ACU get a teaching position at the school where I teach. She came by to discuss the ends and outs of the school. She wanted a tour of our new house as soon as she came in. Early in the tour, we stepped outside to look at the backyard. The event caused us to be locked out of the house. We had no phones and no driving capabilities. Fortunately, Michael lives 1/2 mile away and has many roommates, one of which works sporadic hours. We make the trek and we think we're in luck! There is a car belonging to a girlfriend of the household in the driveway! She's probably cooking some dinner and can help us! Nope. She's not there. Luckily, the house has recently shifted and they can no longer lock their back door. We felt a whole lot better as we entered air conditioning and gained access to email. I emailed Michael and told him of our situation. The sweet guy left work early to let us in and Laura made it to her next appointment on time. Whew! I am sure this has happened to nearly everyone. I've been locked out of a house on more than one occasion. Does this happen to you, or am I alone in this? One lesson Iearned: Be specific in your prayers. I prayed that God would unlock the door before I tried to open the front door of my house. Turns out that he opened the back door to Michael's house. I should have been more specific...it sure would have made Michael's life easier.

What luck! The return of Olberman and the NHL!

Seeing how I still have the BIG SHOW book written by Keith and Dan, this is exciting to me! I know I don't have to tell you how excited I am about the return of hockey. My concern is that Mike Modano will don another uniform. That would be very hard. I know that with school starting and hockey on its way back, that I might lose some time with Michael. I've already promised him that this will not cause any strain on our marriage. I may need your support.

Should Kenny have been arrested for this??

Don't you think all of this is about people blowing things out of proportion and trying to get attention and money? I mean, come on! Did that guy REALLY have to go to the hospital? I highly doubt it. Kenny arrested?!? I would understand paying for the broken camera, but everything else is crazy.
Do you blame Kenny?
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Monday, July 18, 2005

Mowing Yards

Mowing yards put my brothers and me through years and years of Christian education. Today, I got a little taste of what my dad and brothers went through every summer. I finally got the mower started...Dad had to walk me through the steps! I mowed and mowed our LARGE front yard. Thankfully it is a cooler July day and most of the yard is covered in shade. Still, I didn't finish the entire job. Thanks, family, for your years of sacrifice.

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Here we go!

In order to comment on my family's blog, I must have an account too. So here it is.