Monday, November 28, 2005

By request - Our Honeymoon

For our honeymoon, Michael and I went to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Luckily, we chose to stay away from the Gulf of Mexico, as we knew it would be hurricane season, but we had know idea that NO would be feeling the blues from Katrina while we were honeymooning. It is weird to be in another country and hear nothing but US news the entire time we were there. Michael and I stayed at the Omni Hotel in Las Colinas before heading to BC on Sunday. We arrived very hungry during the early evening and ate at an airport restaurant. We stayed at the Fairmont which is located at the airport. The first day, we went to Whistler, BC, where the Winter Olympics will be held. BEAUTIFUL! The drive there was magnificent. They call the highway, sea to sky highway, and for good reason.

We walked around and ate lunch in Whistler. On the way back, we stopped by Shannon Falls. We took a nice hike to see this beautiful waterfall.

By the time we got back to Vancouver and enjoyed dinner and some shopping, it was time to plan our next trip. We were headed to Victoria Island. After an expensive ferry ride, we ate lunch at DALLAS CAFE! Here we are next to the cafe.

A funny story about the ferry ride back. I had commented to Michael about how remarkably quiet the boat was. I told him there would be know way this many people would be this quiet in Dallas. After a while, we realized that 25% of the passengers were deaf! They were attending a wedding between two people that were deaf! It was so funny!

The next day, we went to Stanley Park. Stanley Park is next to downtown Vancouver. This is where many of the well-fit residents run, rollerblade, ride their bikes, or walk. It's gorgeous! They also have an aquarium there. We saw baloogas ?sp?, sea otters, and really funny sea lions. Below are some pics.

Did you see the black squirrel? I've never seen one of those before!

Vancouver is so beautiful! We had 70 degree weather the whole week. It was so nice!


Tim Perkins said...

I still can't believe you and Michael didn't want Tim and me to go with you and share expenses!

Tim Perkins said...

Sheesh! Vancouver, the Omni, Whistler. You guys must be loaded!