Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday's Thoughts

I hope everyone had a good week!

Sickness: I was sick Saturday and Sunday and was feeling pretty bad Monday. Michael felt bad on Monday and Tuesday, took Wednesday off, worked too hard on Thursday and I think he is taking today off. We both have been sick a lot since we've been married. Shaun and Andrew came over on Sunday and I was sick on the couch. The last time they were there, like a week earlier, I was sick on the couch. I hope they don't think Michael makes me sick!

Wedding: The wedding is nearly officially over! Mom and I are finishing the photograph stuff today. I can't wait to not have a wedding item on my to do list! This has been going on since April!

Canon: Canon is doing well after his successful liver transplant. God is so good!

Stars: I hear they are doing well. I don't get to watch the games anymore because I don't get FSW.

3 months: Tomorrow marks 3 months of marriage! Last month, Michael had food poisoning. Looks like he'll have a sore throat this time around. He wears himself out working so hard.

December: Is anyone else shocked that it is already December?

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Tim Perkins said...

Yea, Brookie, the wedding IS over! That was a trip to the photographer, huh? I loved her, she did a great job, but next time (?!) let's get one closer!
I hope Michael is better and y'all can stay well a while! But one out of two of all the people I know is sick right now. No, I can't believe it's December. I can't believe it has been 3 months since the wedding!