Monday, December 12, 2005

Mavs game with FCA

This was really cool! It may have been the most disorganized event for students I've ever been at, but we, the Field teachers, we're on top of things. When we first got there (there being a field next to the AA center), we were the second or third school to arrive. The Mavs representatives handed our kids stacks of All Star ballots and told them to complete the 100 ballots for a free t-shirt. Our kids went after it! All of the other hundreds, if not thousands, of kids were walking around, causing chaos. Our kids were gathered on the sidewalk, intent on finishing the ballots. We then gathered in front of a stage where Coach Avery Johnson spoke to us. He pulled a raffle ticket to give a basketball that was signed by all of the Mavs. The raffle tickets were given to the students that completed the 100 All Star ballots. I think only our kids completed the ballots and a Field boy won the ball. Johnson spoke about being saved in 1989 in New Orleans. He wanted our kids to stay strong and succeed my being a slave to God. The kids loved it! I loved seeing him and shaking his hand. (I was in charge of keeping our kids away from the Rockwall kids (and their pretty girls) to form a path for Johnson to come down. I felt like a bouncer in a way!) We went to the game. These kids NEVER get to do things like this. They chanted every chant that was thrown on the jumbotron and sang every song on the PA system. They had the time of their lives. When we left, our bus had to go down a steep hill. The tail pipe was crushed as we went down and the air had to escape somewhere else and made this hissing sound. We had to call for help because it wasn't safe for us to drive. Luckily, the AA Center sent someone with a crowbar to open up the tail pipe. I was so relieved that we didn't have to wait for another bus to arrive! All in all, the kids had a great time and we got to talk to them about God. I just wish it didn't take my 4:00 to 11:00 of a Saturday away from me. Oh, BTW, the Mavs won! The Cowboy game Sunday was great too!

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