Friday, December 09, 2005

Brrrr....It is cold outside!!

Today I get to teach school because the weather interfered with the two-day training I was suppose to attend. It is better that I am at school. I have something easy to do because I had planned for the sub. It also is going by a lot faster than if I were sitting in a boring training.

This afternoon should be fun. There is an FCA meeting today and I will lead a discussion about being in the Word. Ouch....I need to be doing more of that.

Tonight, there is a white elephant gift party. I won't say what our gift is, but it is so white elephant! I can't wait to see our old friends.

Tomorrow, the FCA group and I are going to the Mavericks game. Before the game, Avery Johnson is going to speak to the kids. How awesome it is to have a Christian coach in the NBA talking with the kids in the community.

Sunday, I will hopefully go to church for the first time in two weeks. Richardson East is having a special contribution for a new sound system. The old one is twenty years old and can't support our larger praise team. I can't wait to hear the new system come January. Michael and I will also do the ROCK group thing. I have missed those kiddos.


Tim Perkins said...

Brooke, it was 10 degrees on the porch thermometer this morning! Brrr is right!
I'm glad things are good there. We'll have to come to RE and hear the new system. How many are on the praise team now?

Blake Perkins said...

Sounds like Richardson East is building quite a choir. Are they still C of C???

Brooke said...

Oh, Blake. If only you could experience the sound of uplifting singing...

Tim Perkins said...

I know, Brooke! Blake and Jaime came to HO last Sunday and Jaime really enjoyed it! I think Blake feels if you feel the spirit or anything, that's a bad thing. Oh, where did Tim and I go wrong with him?!
And BTW, what's wrong with a choir? We've always had them,just called it a chorus. And they had to sing after the worship service. We've been SO messed up!

Brooke said...

I love to watch in movies these black baptist choirs where everyone is clapping and swaying to the music. That's how I want heaven to be like. I want to be the one to do a solo...God just has to bless me with a beautiful voice sometime.