Monday, December 05, 2005

Will we ever both be healthy during our marriage???

Michael and I both went to the doctor on Sunday. It is a lot more fun to go to the doctor when you don't feel THAT bad, but you just can't get over a sickness and you go with your best friend. Michael and I keep passing a sickness to each other. I got the illness first (from Thanksgiving week with my family) and gave it to Michael and he gave back to me and I to him. He got the illness because he has allergies and was susceptible to get it. He then got a steroid shot in the hip. My "cold" got so bad that I got pink eye and have to put in these miserable drops. Together, we have eight different prescriptions. So many crazy things have happened to us since we said "I do." Will life ever become normal again?

I did get to put up the Christmas tree on Sunday since I didn't go to church or Bible Study. That really makes a house feel like a home.

We visited Michael's family Saturday night after we heard that Dad-Dad died. We were being careful to not touch the children and to keep our hands washed. The family decided that their family's cure to a cold would help us - a couple of spoonfuls of whiskey. Wow! That was something else! I'm glad we didn't get pulled over on the way home. We had spilt some of the whiskey when we went over a speed bump. The car reeked of alcohol. (We didn't take our "medicine" until we were home.)

Michael's mom sent over some homemade chicken noodle soup for us Sunday. She also made breadsticks to go with it. It was SO GOOD! I will need to learn how to do this.


Tim Perkins said...

I sure hope y'all aren't allergic to each other!

Tim Perkins said...

So, how was the whiskey?

Brooke said...

The whiskey felt strange going down, you could feel the warm sensation as it headed towards my stomache. Who knows if it affected me at all because I went to bed right after I took it.