Friday, January 29, 2016

How I Became Passionate About Oils and Health

  After my second child was born, I was struck down hard by a rare autoimmune disease.  In the weeks after she was born, I was going through the hardest days of my life.  I was in great suffering, my husband felt helpless, and the doctors were dumbfounded by my symptoms.  Going through something like this does not leave you unchanged.  The truth of the Bible was shown again as I came out the on other side with more hope than ever before.  Hope found in how to properly care for my soul-house (my body), hope in growing my family, and my hope in the promises of Christ.

  Going through such suffering made me question the rebellion of my body.  I truly thought I had been participating in healthy behavior.  The problem is that we, as a nation, are just now beginning to see how unhealthy the typical diet and treatment of illnesses are.  I truly believe I wasn't providing my body with the proper nutrition and when I got sick, I took whatever pill or cream or shot I could to "fix" me.  It took awhile to figure out which drug would do that fixing and the side effects of those drugs were really bad.  

  After going down the typical road of getting sick and reaching for a drug, I got to evaluating WHY I became ill in the first place.  Now I seek foods that are loaded with nutrients and seek non-drug options first for when we get sick.  It's become a passion.

  People like to poke fun of oils and foodies.  I understand that it appears to be such a hippy or yuppy thing.  The reality is, I got to this place because of suffering, not by trying to be better than others.  I hear the jokes and I read the comments that slam the things I'm passionate about.  It doesn't upset me.  These people are walking down a different path and haven't suffered what I have suffered.  Isn't that how passion forms?  When you are desperate to be saved from something?

  I will be posting about some of my favorite foods and oils.  I wanted to share why I am passionate about it.  It will be so wonderful if I can help bring someone else out of suffering and into new hope.