Thursday, September 27, 2007

8 Random Things

I've been tagged to list eight random things about myself. I have no idea what I will write here.

  1. I really don't enjoy wearing skirts/dresses. I'm a pants girl all of the way. I didn't even enjoy sleeping in nightgowns growing up. I had to wear shorts under the gown to feel comfortable. Maybe this means I need security and protection from the "drafts" in the world....who knows...
  2. I like movies with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in them. Aren't they just cute together??? I also think I would really like having Denzel Washington as a friend. I think he must really be a cool guy. And, yes, I think he's good looking too.
  3. I've enjoyed every stage of life. I've been fearful about moving into each stage, but once I'm there, I have a good time. The one stage I went into without any fears was marriage. Luckily, this stage should last a long time. :)
  4. No matter how hard I try, when I use something with bleach in it, I end up "spotting" what I'm wearing. I've learned to put on a t-shirt and shorts I don't care about as often as possible when using these products. I have salvaged some black and navy t-shirts with a permanent marker. Brilliant, I know.
  5. No matter if we have money saved up and Michael is totally fine with me making a purchase, it is so very hard for me to spend $100 or more on something. I'm talking about contacts and curtains. I put it off month after month. I'll buy my contacts this weekend. I bought curtains/pillows/table decor earlier this month. It was hard to be at the counter to make the purchase, but I LOVE the results!
  6. I'm bow-legged and pigeon-toed. Maybe that's why I like pants.
  7. I've had some of the greatest roommates ever. I've only spent a few months living by myself in my lifetime.
  8. I've never ridden in a taxi. I don't think I would know what to do or how to pay. Do people always have cash on hand and just lose the change? What if your ride was $5 and you only had a twenty? Do you get cash back?? I better never head out to NY. Wait, Michael takes a taxi sometimes....I should ask him.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sarah and an Update

I haven't written about pregnant Bible women in a while. I have a lot of things floating around in my head, but I hardly get the time to write about those things.
Recently, in Bible class, we discussed Abraham and Sarah. So God has promised Abraham a nation even though Abraham and Sarah are aging. Sarah already considers herself barren. That in itself is a hardship for her. It seems that people were once so cruel when a woman failed to become a mother. Do you remember the post about how Hannah was ridiculed? Awful, just awful. But Sarah has faith and believes that she will conceive. Years pass and Sarah is still not pregnant. She tries to figure out what God is really saying and convinces herself that maybe the nation will only be through Abraham and that he better become "better friends" with Hagar. Abraham (age 86!) and Hagar have a son named Ishmeal. I can't imagine what it felt like to make that decision. She was acting on faith, believing what God had told Abraham. She just wanted to be sure she was out of the way and allow this promise to happen. Turns out she was wrong - that had to feel pretty bad.
Then, God tells Abraham that Sarah will have a baby in a year. Sarah laughs. Wouldn't you? She has gone through her child-bearing years without ever becoming pregnant and now that she's about 90 years old, she becomes pregnant!?!
If you have been pregnant before, you know the strange things that occur to your body. Can you imagine that body being 90 years old and going through that? There are some really funny things I would love to write here, but it would be WAY TOO MUCH for a public forum.
Sarah has a boy that she names Isaac and the song "Father Abraham" comes to mind. This was how it all started.
I admire her faith, her selflessness, and her ability to carry a baby at such an old age. Way to go Sarah!

*Michael has been in San Diego all week and comes home tonight!!! I miss him so very much!
*School is still stressful.
*I gained 11 pounds at my last appointment. That makes 26 pounds in two months. Oops.
*I'm slightly anemic due to the pregnancy.
*There are 4 teachers at school who are pregnant and we're all having girls. Another teacher is naming her girl Audrey as well.
*I have to get a shot because I have a negative blood type.
*I did pass my glucose test though!!
*My husband and brother get to work together for a finance class at church. I don't think Michael knows Brett very well, so this will be good for them. Oh, and they love to talk finance anyways, so they are super excited. (At least Michael is, but I'm pretty sure Brett is too.)
*Michael is almost finished laying the thresholds for our new wood floors. We're even okay having company over now! He did a great job and the floors look really good.
*I just came back from a coworker's baby shower. They will induce her next Friday. She's a short girl, but she is HUGE! The size of her once teeny-tiny belly scares me.
*I think I have laughing gas in my pregnancy hormones. Everything seems funny and I can't help but laugh really hard...and snort too. (BTW, I snort when I laugh for those of you that don't know me well.)
*I'm thrilled that tomorrow is Friday and my husband will be home!!!!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

December, Come Quick!

The picture above describes how I have felt at school the past two weeks. Even the doctor said my blood pressure was high at my appointment last week. AGGHH!! This school year is soooo different than other years.

I teach 8th grade science. Science will be "held accountable" in middle school for the first time this year with the TAKS test. I have already had two meetings with the new middle school science specialist our district hired this year. We never had to have one in the past, but now science is being taken seriously. She has been so great and has helped us so much already.

We quickly gave our students a baseline test the first week of school over 6th and 7th grade material. They bombed big time. We have to collect, sort, and evaluate this data to determine who will be coming to a TAKS tutorial program each week after school. That program starts in 2 weeks.

I have a meeting during almost every planning period. I've had meetings before and after school. Seriously, my team has no time to plan or get work pulled together for the classes we try to teach...if those meetings would just hold off while I'm teaching. I've been at school almost every day for hours after the last kid has left . BTW, I'm working on the weekends too.

Today, I had a team member say that this will probably be her last year to teach 8th grade science. She may not even teach again. How can the TAKS test be good if it forces great and experienced teachers to hang it all up?

Thank goodness I have a little one on the way and can say goodbye to it all in just a few months!

Monday, September 03, 2007

2 Wonderful Years

Today is our second wedding anniversary! The past two years have been the best years I have had. Michael is making all of my dreams come true and has been my best friend. I consider myself very blessed to have him in my life. If you know Michael, you know the big reasons why I love him. I am going to list ten little reasons why I love him.
  1. His cute smile. My grandmother says he has a crooked smile.
  2. I love hearing him laugh while he's watching something funny. It's a short laugh and almost like a giggle.
  3. He absentmindedly whistles while he is thinking.
  4. He sings very well. He's a good guy to sit next to at church.
  5. He's a great uncle. I'm thinking he'll be a great dad too.
  6. He's thoughtful. I've received flowers at work for some of the smallest celebrations.
  7. Although most people think he is calm and laid back, he can be very dramatic at times. It is so funny to see him get really excited about something. He literally jumps around.
  8. He likes to cuddle. (He'll be so embarrassed if he reads this!)
  9. He is cautious. Whether it is with our finances or with what we are eating, he wants to be sure we're making the smart decision.
  10. His humor is random and clever. He can make you laugh when you least expect it.

Of course, all of these make up just a small fraction of the great Christian man that he is. I look forward to the many years that lie before us.