Monday, September 10, 2007

December, Come Quick!

The picture above describes how I have felt at school the past two weeks. Even the doctor said my blood pressure was high at my appointment last week. AGGHH!! This school year is soooo different than other years.

I teach 8th grade science. Science will be "held accountable" in middle school for the first time this year with the TAKS test. I have already had two meetings with the new middle school science specialist our district hired this year. We never had to have one in the past, but now science is being taken seriously. She has been so great and has helped us so much already.

We quickly gave our students a baseline test the first week of school over 6th and 7th grade material. They bombed big time. We have to collect, sort, and evaluate this data to determine who will be coming to a TAKS tutorial program each week after school. That program starts in 2 weeks.

I have a meeting during almost every planning period. I've had meetings before and after school. Seriously, my team has no time to plan or get work pulled together for the classes we try to teach...if those meetings would just hold off while I'm teaching. I've been at school almost every day for hours after the last kid has left . BTW, I'm working on the weekends too.

Today, I had a team member say that this will probably be her last year to teach 8th grade science. She may not even teach again. How can the TAKS test be good if it forces great and experienced teachers to hang it all up?

Thank goodness I have a little one on the way and can say goodbye to it all in just a few months!


Lynn said...

It makes me so sad that so many teachers are so dissatisfied with the beauracy not the teaching itself. You would think that Austin would listen? Please take care of yourself. I will praying that the Lord keeps your blood pressure at a normal rate.

Sascha said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. I taught 3rd grade in Dallas the year before we moved to Brazil. Although I learned a lot, it was such a nightmare. There are times when I miss teaching, but I never miss getting the kids ready for TAKS. May the Lord bless you.

PS- come by and say "hi" on our blog. You'll get a chance to see what you are in for!

Heather said...

Hang on for a little bit longer and then you can have a "nice long break"!

(My sister teaches fourth grade and I feel for all of you and the TAKS)

Shannon said...

Yay for maternity leave!

I have heard so many stories from teachers that are having pretty rough starts to their years. Sorry you are going through that! Hope your last few months are a little better.

Carolyn McBryde said...

Don't get me started!

Krystal said...

That was exactly how I felt when I heard that EVERY child was now going to be taking the TAKS. I have one student from New Orleans who is very slow and can't form a sentence. She's now expected to take the TAKS-M, which is on level! I've been working over time on how to help this poor child while still teaching 15 other kids.

I also have already heard from the 3rd grade teachers that I need to retire or take maternity leave before the next batch of kids. I just can't seem to get a break!

Anonymous said...

Just remember it is just a job. The kids are what are important not some TAKS scores.