Thursday, October 01, 2015

Recap of Summer!

Today is the first day of the beautiful month of October!  What if we could always live in October days?  For me, October is a small glimpse into heaven.  But before I fully embrace all things pumpkin and cool crisp air, I MUST recap our summer before I forget!

Well, I last told you about Nadia turning two and her starting to walk.  She is a brand new girl now!  She is little miss independent and a little miss sassy-pants too!  She has fully encompassed all that it means to be a two year old.  I am so thankful that she seems like a normal kid now and is not so far behind.  She is forever a reminder of how fortunate I am to have healthy children.

Audrey ended first grade with style!  She rocked the awards ceremony, even receiving the top award, the Ambassador award.  She truly is an ambassador for Christ.  She makes us so proud and I pray that she always shines His light.  She then proceeded to break her arm rollerblading at the very beginning of summer.  She was a champ and stayed positive through it all.

Julia began Kindergarten in August.  She is already a social bug and has kids calling out her name and waving to her wherever she goes.  That girl is so funny and I think others are seeing how entertaining she is.  Her teacher is the best (like, seriously!) and has done well with moving Julia past her fears.  I am so proud of her for being brave.

We went out to Glenrose to the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.  We got to see and feed some awesome animals.  We all loved this little excursion and I highly recommend going!

We also went to see our friends, the Potthoffs, in Houston, for the Fourth of July.  We went to Moody Gardens in Galveston one day while we were there.  It is always a good time with them.

Michael and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary and took a trip to New York City!  I'll dedicate that trip in its own post.  My most favorite trip ever!