Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Derek Update

They announced at school today that the doctors do not want visitors today (scratch my trip). Last night, he had so many guests that it agitated his system...too much stimuli I guess. I called his father and left a message on his cell phone that some teachers and I would be happy to bring them food and supplies. We understood that we wouldn't see Derek, but we wanted to help. I didn't get a reply, so we will try to visit him on Sunday. He could be in the hospital for a long time and Tiffany and I want to make it a weekly thing to see him. I also want to point out that the picture of Derek is a football picture. He usually is smiling, but football players are TOUGH, so no smiles! Derek is one of the happiest kids and has a very competitive spirit (which is good right now!). He is missing a karate belt ceremony tonight at my school. They are dedicating the ceremony to him. The school is also raising money to help with his medical bills. Please continue to pray for him and Brent (the other student that was injured).


Clare said...

I hope Derek will make it through. I'll be thinking of him.

mimicarole said...

It seems we have so many children on our prayer list. Now the little 8 year old at Children's Hospital with liver failure. May God heal them all!

Matt McBryde said...

Sorry to hear about Derek, but great to hear from you. I hope you are doing well, and I will look forward to keeping up with you as well!


Tim Perkins said...

Brooke: What's the latest on Derek?