Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Former student in coma after accident

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The R.L. Turner High School football players and wrestlers were headed to the field house, which is blocks from the school campus.
Police said the 17-year-old driver lost control because of speed.
"He was swerving like that and hit a curb I guess," Rangel said. "And klunk, like that and the car tilted and we all fell out of the car."
Rangel said he believes the driver was swerving for fun. However, what bus driver Tommy Burns said he saw from the sidewalk wasn't fun.
"Just flipping, everything [was] just flipping," he said. "[I saw] kids in my vision, in my face and everywhere."
Under state law, no one under 18 can ride in the back of a truck on a public street.
Rangel's mother said after her fear dissolved to relief, she set her son straight.
"I had no idea he was riding in the back of a pickup," said Misty Rangel. "But he will not be doing that again."
Carrollton police and the school district are continuing their investigation.
WFAA-TV reporters Mary Ann Razzuk and Brad Watson contributed to this story.

He was one of my favorite students. He came back about a month ago to visit. Very active and polite teen. He was in football and karate. He never called me "Ms. Perkins" but "My favorite teacher." I'm sure he did that with all of his teachers!

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