Friday, November 04, 2005

Food Poisoning!

Michael had food poisoning from some salmon he ate Wednesday night. He was so very miserable Thursday. I think he was vomiting for 13 hours. He called me at work and we went to see a doctor. Funny thing was, I had no clue which doctor or which office he had an appointment with. I couldn't find out from Michael because the poor guy was in the bathroom being miserable...and he really was so out of it that he didn't know either. Thankfully, everyone at this medical center was very nice and we used a phone number to locate the correct doctor. I went into 3 doctors' offices before getting the correct one. I was able to call Michael and direct him to which floor and office. Then the receptionist was so nice and took care of Michael by bringing him cups of water. He got some meds and today is feeling much better. I am so thankful for everyone who helped me out yesterday, whether it was at school or at the medical center.


Blake Perkins said...

I am so sorry Michael had to go through that. Being sick and constantly vomiting is the worst feeling in the world. It was great that so many people helped yall at the doc's office. Things like that usually go unnoticed. Glad to hear he is feeling better. Also, isn't it wonderful when your spouse takes care of you when you are sick. When I was in college I yelled "mommy" whenever I threw up

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Michael is all better!
And I'm glad Blake yells "jaime" now when he throws up!