Friday, November 18, 2005

Random Thoughts

Age 26: I turned 26 last Monday. At age 26, I have achieved the dreams I had immediately following college. I have that middle school science job in a good school that is located close to home. I have a wonderful, caring, and Christian husband that treats me like a princess and is my very best friend. I am involved with the youth in my home church. I can feel the presence of many people who love me and work hard for me when I need help.

Michael: This sweet guy is so thoughtful. He sent a dozen roses to my work for my birthday. He took me to a wonderful and romantic Italian place for my birthday dinner. He is taking me to the Stars game tonight. All of that is great, but he brings me joy each day because of his love and support. God truly has someone special waiting for everyone and Michael is my perfect match.

Thanksgiving Break: hallelujah that I am hours away from my week-long break!!! I pledge here today that every thank you note will be written next week and mailed! I will clean up the house and hopefully wash clothes after the washing machine is fixed or replaced.

Nieces and Nephews: I have the greatest nieces and nephews in the world, on both Michael's and my sides. I loved hearing Ashley singing Happy "Bwerthday" on my voice mail. I can't wait to play with Zach, hug Maddie, and hold and watch Ethan next week. Ethan is growing up so fast that I'm sure I wouldn't recognize him on the street. (I tried to add more pics here, but I can't do it!)

Malls: I hate going to the Galleria because it is for the wealthy and people dress up to go there. That is not my kind of place. So, I like going to Valley View. That's more on my level. I went to Dillards to buy my makeup the other day. I had some comments made to me by some high school kids that made me very uncomfortable. I guess I'll be going to the fancy Galleria from now on.

Friday: This is the best day in the world. I always make my lessons for Fridays a little more relaxed. I love knowing that after 4 (sometimes 6:30) I am free for a couple of days. I love the idea of staying up later than 10:30. I love knowing that I can sleep in on Saturday. Fridays are meant for Stars and Mavs games. What a perfect way to celebrate the end of the week!


Tim Perkins said...

Good things come to those who wait upon the Lord...

Tim Perkins said...

You are a very blessed young lady. One of the keys to happiness is to marry the right person or stay single. I can't imagine the grief of marrying someone who isn't right for you. And SO many people do that!
Your dad and I prayed for a Michael for a long time. We are so blessed to have 3 great children-in-law. (is that a term?) Our greatest desire is to see the 3 (now 6) of you grow in the Lord everyday and be the example to your children (NOT rushing you!)for them to also have a heart for God. Sometimes when I get down, I stop and think how good it is to have good kids and then I'm "too blessed to be stressed". :)