Sunday, November 13, 2005


I watched the movie, JFK, on TV this weekend. I understand that this is a movie and that Oliver Stone took liberties to create this propaganda movie. I am now at a loss of what to think. I grew up watching documentaries explaining how there is no conspiracy. But I do wonder about the questions that are left unanswered. Here are a couple of articles that speak about different theories. Oliver Stone shows many theories in the movie, but concentrates on how Oswald wasn't even a shooter in the assassination. I am more willing now, after watching the movie, to believe that there was more than one shooter. What were the motives in killing Kennedy? I would love to know the truth, and I may live long enough to see it. What do you think is the truth?

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Tim Perkins said...

I believe there were multiple shooters...Oswald from the rear and at least one assassin from behind the wall on the knoll.

Kennedy had a lot of enemies, folks who didn't like his stand on civil rights or his brother Bobby's desire to break up the Mafia. Some of these enemies were apparently in the CIA.

It's a story that may never be unravelled.