Monday, October 17, 2005

This isn't about hockey

Well, due to mom's request, I will not blog about hockey. I will blog tonight about what I have floating through this brain of mine.

The 2005-2006 school year: This year has been different than every other year of teaching. I enjoy my classes, even my 7th period where boys outnumber the girls 1 to 5 or so. There is not a single student that I dread seeing. I have many boys that have crushes on me and claim that they are my true husband. These boys with crushes make life a lot of fun because they will do anything to please me or make me laugh. I am, for the first time ever, teaching the same thing twice. I am so much more confident in my knowledge and can present the information better. I love the topics we have hit upon so far this year. They changed up the calendar quite a bit and I'm spending 2 months on how the earth works and not on the periodic table. I would much rather talk about tornadoes and hurricanes than atomic numbers and atomic mass. I'm at a good school with good teachers and outstanding administrators.

Thank you notes: Will I ever get these out?? Can I just have a week to do nothing but this?

2nd Coming: I fear that I have been living life obsessing over finding a house, closing on a house, moving and painting, teaching, cleaning, thank you notes, wedding, being a good wife for Michael, dealing with trees falling all about me, grabbing every opportunity that may never come again (ACU's Homecoming on 100th year, weddings), that I never stop to think that our time may be drawing near. I fear that something may happen to Michael, but I don't think about something tragic happening to me (except when I do lesson plans). Therefore, I don't think about Jesus coming again. Dad wrote in his blog about Greg Laurie and a book that he wrote about the signs for the End of Days. ARTICLE I need to have an eye on the sky a lot more. This guy makes sense, and it is the thing we should be doing anyway. Come Lord!

2006 Honda Accord: Michael showed me the honda website last night about it and Dad sent an email today about it. It looks a lot like the Acura Michael wants so badly. It is also more expensive. Looks like an Accord will soon be a luxury car. Michael and I decided that we will always drive older Hondas.

ACU: What a grand place this is! I will always smile when I think about the memories made there. I am glad I'm out of that stage in life, but I think I will always love the quiet town of Abilene. Don't be surprised if I live there one day...there or Vancouver.

Blessings: I got another piece of free furniture today! That's another "Praise God."

I'm going to try to post some pictures tomorrow of Hurricane Katrina coming inland. What beauty storms can posses!

Pregnant friends: I have many, but I don't think they are telling everyone yet. May these babies develope well and be healthy!

Stars: (I HAVE to say something about hockey)I don't care that the Canucks beat them. I love the Canucks! We're still an awesome team that can play at home or on the road!


Carole said...

Thank you, Brooke....that was an interesting blog!
Those pix of the hurricane you want to post. If they're the same ones floating around the internet, they are fakes. Well, they're real pictures of real storms, but they're not Katrina or Rita. But they ARE awesome. That site tells how they've been circulated for the longest time.
Another good book that I've just finished and Tim is looking for time to read is HEAVEN by Randy Alcorn. Definitely something to think about! Really has made me long for the Lord to come!
What piece of furniture have you recently acquired? As long as we're here on this earth, we might as well fix our houses up, right? :)
I love you and Michael. I am so proud of all my kids and the faithful lives they're living. That is the biggest blessing I can ever hope to have. And to think I get to live with you all with the Lord forever and ever.

Brooke said...

Yep, those pictures were not of the hurricane. I had shown those to my classes. Oops. The new piece of furniture is an end table someone at school was getting rid of. Everything in the dining/living room doesn't go together, but hey...who cares at this point!

Tim Perkins said...

Daughter: Does your school need a Texas History teacher? I would gladly drive there to get away from Hood. Keep me posted.

Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

good post... glad to get caught up on your life.
love, jenny

Katie said...

Love the random thoughts--I'm just impressed that you could capture all of them. I wish we could hear your *snort* laugh on your blog!