Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Fears of tornadoes

Ever since I was really young, I have had nightmares about tornadoes. I recently had one where I was in my new house. I hadn't thought about where I should seek shelter. I ended up in the laundry the clothes dryer. The storm ripped through our house and I was sent flying through the air in the dryer, only to end up shooting out of it and having the dryer land on me. Where do I get this giant fear of tornadoes? I'm teaching on tornadoes in class and I am amazed by its beauty and power. I am very grateful that it is not May or April, but beautiful October. Let us hope that Hurricane Wilma does not spawn any tornadoes, especially way over here in Dallas!

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Anonymous said...

You come by those tornado nightmares honestly, dear. Your dad and I both have them on an almost regular basis. I assume that's how we'll leave this world.