Thursday, October 20, 2005

I guess $450 is worth your safety.

I've been putting off buying new tires for my little Honda. She (Ebby is what I like to call her) needed new ones around the end of August. I figured that since travel a total of 8 miles in her a day, I could put it off for a while. We ended up taking Ebby to Abilene last weekend because an SMU girl basketball player decided to hit Michael's car on Friday. That trip wore out Ebby. Michael had to put more air in her tires and they, and especially one in particular, are already low again. So after school, I'll be purchasing 4 new tires in order that my driving will be a bit safer. I wish they were about $50 each instead of over $100 each.

Michael will be leading the communion thoughts at church on Sunday. If you go to Richardson East or are a part of my family, you know what this means. Hopefully he will not make the same mistake as another and sit with the wrong lady after his prayers. I love how quickly this church has put Michael to work. Most people aren't asked to lead a Bible study group and do communion so quickly. I guess this church needs more people our age- it seems we're good for the teens.

Speaking of teens...I know that the teens at RE are very sad to learn that Houston has changed positions and won't be the youth minister anymore. I hope this group pulls together and leans on one another as a new minister is assigned. I pray that they realize that this is a great move for the CHURCH and that Houston is still around. They will get a good youth minister. Look at the history of youth ministers: Edd Eason, Dan Stevens, and Houston Heflin. They seem to know how to pick them.


Tim Perkins said...

That incident at RE (incidents?) never occurred.

What kind of tires did you get?

Brooke said...

Goodyear Assurance ComferTred. Go here to see a review:
I love them...they actually cost near $600.