Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I was (gasp) observed today

Every teacher goes through it and every teacher hates it. It is The Observation. I was feeling a bit nervous because I just found out yesterday he was coming in and I had already known at that point that I had no clue on the subject matter facing me today. I was to teach about how meteorites caused extinction of species. I was never taught this, I didn't have to teach this last year, and I have no materials on it. So I spent all of last night taking information from about ten websites and I created a power-point and notes for the students. I knew going in that the principal evaluating me is not a science guy, but more of a music guy. I prayed that this would be something he didn't know about either and would just take what I gave him and not expect some great insight that I must be missing. He came in and the students asked great questions. I am so glad that I threw in a Christian viewpoint and an evolutionary viewpoint because I realized afterwards that this guy is not a Christian. He even asked me at what time humans evolved. He was great in adding his own personal touch. He learned in my class today that Iridium is a rare element caused by extraterrestrial material. He had been in a jazz club in Chicago named Iridium. He now understands why it was named that way. But overall, he thought the conversation was good- THANK YOU 3rd Period!!!- and he told the head principal about it. I am anxious to see what he wrote down on the evaluation.

BTW, don't get me wrong, principals walk in all the time to check out what I am doing, but an official observation is nerve-wracking.


Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

glad it went so well. those are nerve-wracking!

Tim Perkins said...

I agree with the stress factor. I've been observed now for 36 years and I still get nervous and still hate it.

I'll even get butterflies this year even though it's extremely meaningless since I'm retiring. It also bothers me that that the lady appraising me is flat-out ignorant, can't speak English well, and seems to be racist.

Just give me an A and leave the room.