Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Michael is a huge Seinfeld fan. We record 4 Seinfeld shows a day (it could be more...thankfully he stopped at 4) and he has the DVD's. How did Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld come up with so many funny pointless shows? Twice this week, I had teachers refer to a Seinfeld quote in their everyday conversations. Luckily, I've seen nearly every show and understand what they are talking about. You probably are well acquainted with the ideas of Festivus, the soup nazi, of when are we going to see the baby, of how pez can make you laugh at inappropriate times, and so on. So many ideas, so funny, and so pointless. How did they do it....???


Anonymous said...
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Brooke said...

I found your blog thru Jeff and Amber Rices Blog who know Brett and Jenny Perkins, and I just wanted you to know my name is Brooke also and I am newly married (18months )to a Michael as well. Pretty interesting!