Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I wonder...how many Americans lock themselves out of their homes each year?

Maybe Brett can find a stat on that for me. Today as I waited for the phone guy to show (never did), I was also awaiting a couple of friends to come by for a visit. I recently helped a friend from ACU get a teaching position at the school where I teach. She came by to discuss the ends and outs of the school. She wanted a tour of our new house as soon as she came in. Early in the tour, we stepped outside to look at the backyard. The event caused us to be locked out of the house. We had no phones and no driving capabilities. Fortunately, Michael lives 1/2 mile away and has many roommates, one of which works sporadic hours. We make the trek and we think we're in luck! There is a car belonging to a girlfriend of the household in the driveway! She's probably cooking some dinner and can help us! Nope. She's not there. Luckily, the house has recently shifted and they can no longer lock their back door. We felt a whole lot better as we entered air conditioning and gained access to email. I emailed Michael and told him of our situation. The sweet guy left work early to let us in and Laura made it to her next appointment on time. Whew! I am sure this has happened to nearly everyone. I've been locked out of a house on more than one occasion. Does this happen to you, or am I alone in this? One lesson Iearned: Be specific in your prayers. I prayed that God would unlock the door before I tried to open the front door of my house. Turns out that he opened the back door to Michael's house. I should have been more specific...it sure would have made Michael's life easier.


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