Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Feeling Blue

Yesterday, Audrey wore my favorite color, blue. I just love baby girls in this color! I really wanted to do her nursery in blue, but thought I might be taking it a little too far. I'm just not that into pink, so purple and green won. Below is Audrey in her Bumbo chair and also a video of her rolling onto her tummy this morning. I finally caught her doing it! I was thinking she was waiting for me to walk into the kitchen before she rolled!

I know you are wondering about my reactions to last night's hockey game...yeah right! Since I've already posted twice today and the Stars play again tonight, I will wait until tomorrow to post on how proud I am to be a Stars fan!

1 comment:

Kaitlin said...

I'm sad about the cast off from tonight...and last week with Carly.

And Audrey looks adorable in blue!