Friday, April 11, 2008

One Year Ago Today

We found out we were pregnant. I was curious if I was, but did not want to waste a test. I had felt some pain in my side and was suddenly having bleeding gums and nose bleeds. I asked Michael if I could take the test in the morning and he said sure and that he would get up with me. So, on April 11, 2007, I woke up and told Michael I was going to do the test...and he stayed in bed! I looked and announced we were pregnant and I think it took awhile for it to sink in for Michael. He sat up and we hugged. That was it. Nothing cute or fancy, but still very special.

My Stars won their first playoff game last night, 4-0 BABY! I have to DVR the games and watch them during the day. Michael and I usually are watching a Season 1 LOST show after Audrey goes down at night. I spent the day with friends and a made sure that no one told me the results of last night's game. I was actually anxious all day just wondering how the game went.

Last night, Michael and I had our first date night! Ma and Poppy came over to keep Audrey while we tried out a new resaurant, Firefly. I loved the ambiance, but disliked the food and the price. Even Michael didn't like the food. I think we're accustomed to American-Asian food and maybe this was authentic Asian food. Very different - and I had salmon. We weren't there for very long, so we went for dessert at Nestle's. We didn't want to appear to not trust Michael's parents with Audrey! She did great! She slept for the two hours we were gone. BTW, she is catching up on her sleep that she has missed out all week long! I am not as tired as I should be. God has really taken care of me!

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