Thursday, March 27, 2008

Two by Two

If you have known my family for any length of time, you may know about our history with the number two. It seems that the number follows us around. It can be good luck, fun, or it can be scary. I don't know how it all started, but I am pretty sure it originated with my mom.

Today, as I was applying my makeup, I decided to make it interesting. Since this is a daily routine, might as well shake it up a bit, eh? I wanted to look at the various names that describe the makeup. What I began to notice was that the number two had struck again! Take a look:

Foundation: 02 Linen
Powder: 02 Stay Neutral
Blush: 22 Pure
Eye Shadow: 202 Trios for Blues
Eye Liner: 02 Brown Topaz

Isn't that freaky? It crosses brands too. These were a combination of Clinique, Neutrogena, and Almay. My Revlon mascara, my Clinique lipstick, and my Maybelline concealer did not have numbers.


Lori said...

That is weird!!! You and that number. I remember it coming up at college some too. Very strange!!!

The Powell Family said...

Weird Brooke. 2 Weird.

Brooke said...


Kellee said...

YAY! I'm glad you found my blog so now I can read yours! I know, it has been forever since we've seen you guys. Let's talk Sunday about figuring out when we can all go to dinner. Audrey is so cute! I can't believe that about the 2's in all your makeup...very weird!

Tim Perkins said...

I think it all started when your Mom was born on August 10, which happens to be the 222nd day of the year.

The Powell Family said...

What? The 222nd day of the year?? Ha, ha, ha! For some reason this has me cracking up. LOL

Shannon said...

Very interesting Brooke. I think I remember this from college as well.

I love the colors on your blog!

Carole said...

I've finally remembered my username so I can comment. The #22 or 222 still haunts me. A large percentage of times we go eat somewhere that we are given a number for our order, it is 22. The person right before us may be 136, but we're 22. Or if our table is numbered, yep, it'll be 22.
And that's just the tip of the iceberg.