Saturday, March 22, 2008

Uniquely Chinese

There is a restaurant in Addison named Uniquely Chinese. Michael just can't get over this name. What makes it unique? We've eaten there and it's pretty much a normal Chinese place. Last night, we went to another Chinese restaurant that gave us a truly unique experience.

First of all, there were very few people dining there last night. I felt that any word that was said was being heard by all. It didn't help that I saw some of the staff peeking around a wall to look at us. There was even one waiter that stood in this doorway staring at us. It sounded like there were fifty people in the kitchen and they were making all sorts of racket. Michael thought that there may be something illegal taking place back there. Our waitress came and questioned us about Audrey. She even had to ask if this baby, dressed in pink and with a pink bow, was a boy or a girl. It was hard to understand her well, but I thought that she asked to hold her. I didn't hand her over because how odd would that be if that was not what she had said. She started talking to Audrey and Audrey immediately went into tears. That didn't keep her from tickling her tummy...hard! I felt like I couldn't talk with Michael about anything that was going through my mind because they would either hear it or read my lips if I mouthed anything. When we finished dinner, another waitress came by to see Audrey. She also had to ask whether Audrey was a boy or a girl. (?????) She spoke English a little better and asked to hold her. I allowed her and Audrey fell apart once again. The original waitress came back and took her too. Then a lady that may have been the manager came by. Her voice was higher than a squealing toddler. She began talking to Audrey, who was already crying, and frightened her with her voice. Now the men begin to come by with questions...I have to answer the gender question AGAIN! Finally the waitress decides that she should give the crying baby back but she won't give her back to me (Audrey is leaning waaaaay towards me) and has Michael take her back very awkwardly. We were able to finally leave with our crying baby GIRL in tow!

Now, all of this may just be a cultural thing, but I felt like I was in a strange movie. I don't like to be watched like that. Poor Audrey. Babies must be such a sight for these guys! At least the food was was uniquely Chinese!

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Lindsey said...

Hi there! My husband and I went to high school with Michael and I found your blog on Jo Potters blog. Just wanted to say hello and say how beautiful your daughter is. Tell Michael Brad and I say hello!