Friday, March 21, 2008

Tired, Fearful, and Frustrated

What has happened to Audrey's sleeping pattern?? She had been sleeping 12 hours with one break. Oh how I long for nights such as those! She has gotten into a habit of getting up every two hours. What in the world happened? I'm going to be pulling out all my tricks tonight so that I can function this weekend...hopefully.

Saturday morning, all of the Hall grandkids are getting their picture made. I am very fearful that Audrey will go into a complete meltdown. Most likely, she will be held by another kid (can you see her screaming yet?) and will have missed a nap.

Easter Sunday looks to be getting colder and colder. I've been watching the weather for this day for awhile now. I'm totally missing the point of Easter while I type this, but I wanted to get a dress for Audrey that was weather appropriate and cute. Each day that I look at the forecast since buying a dress, the temperature has dropped for Sunday. At least I wasn't looking forward to taking pictures of her hunting for eggs since it looks like it's going to rain too. Oh, and how will I deal with that? We haven't had to deal with going out in the rain yet. Do I just take her out of the car seat and hold her under an umbrella with me? Do a place a blanket over the car seat and run? I will stop thinking about this and contemplate the glorious sacrifice God made and the meaning of Easter now.


Becky said...

You get Michael to drop you and the baby off under the covered drive at church.

If you are alone, you cover the infant carrier with a blanket, then hold your umbrella awkwardly over yourself and the car seat as you hurry!

And I learned long ago that you never know if it will be freezing or 100 degrees on Easter in our part of the country. So, I always buy a short sleeve or sleeveless dress that comes with a matching sweater.

Hang in there! Everything is going to work out.

Lynn Leaming said...

Oh bummer! I had not seen the weather forecast for Sunday. Hopefully the weathermen will be wrong so we can all enjoy the day! But if not, hopefully we can focus on the sunshine in our hearts for our loving Savior and His sacrifice for all of us.

Lori said...

Well I had already bought the Easter outfit for Faith so you can believe she will be wear sandels with her heavy coat if she must. I will just wrap her up in a blanket until we make it in the building!!

As far as the rain... being dropped off is best, but I have done the blanket over the carrier and umbrella many times. It keeps the rain and wind (if any) off the baby.