Thursday, February 28, 2008

Audrey in Action

I was watching some video of Audrey on the tv today, but I got more of a kick watching her watch herself. I captured this after the video was over, but she was still pretty active.


ABL said...

Audrey is a doll! Our kiddos are only a couple of weeks apart so I love watching what Audrey is doing and know what to anticipate with my little man- even though I've done this once I've already forgotten many of the milestones.

Hope you guys are all finally well!

Lynn Leaming said...

Too Cute!! Can't help but wonder what was going on in her little mind?
It is so amazing to see how God made these little ones to just learn so much so fast. So glad you can be home with her and enjoy such times.

Shannon said...

Audrey is a mover!! And, you have the "mommy voice" down already:) So sweet. Can't wait to see her in I say that too much? I think I end every comment with that. Oh well. It's true!!