Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's the Old Switcharoo Trick!

If you are like me, you really enjoyed watching Get Smart a few years ago. Despite how corny Agent 86 and Agent 99 were, I couldn't get enough. Now the Get Smart movie is coming with Steve Carrell as Max and Anne Hathaway as 99. I love both actors, but wonder if they can pull off this classic in a long movie. If you see this movie this summer, you must let me know if it is good. I probably won't see it until it is out in DVD form.

Seems like Dallas has gotten fond of the old switcharoo trick recently with the trades to bring Jason Kidd to the Mavs and Brad Richards to the Stars.

The Mavs have been a likable team for a handful of years now. Jason Kidd has brought strife before, will he again? I won't deny that he is an excellent guard, but is he good for the team? Let's hope so!

Can you believe I haven't followed hockey enough to know if I like the Stars' trade? I do know that I LOVE Jussi Jokinen and like Halpern and Smith. I do have faith in Brett Hull's opinion, so I will just have to see where Richards takes the Stars.

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Micheal said...

I am totally stoked about the Get Smart movie.

Check out the new trailer: