Monday, July 23, 2007

My Thoughts on Eve

Since becoming pregnant, I have thought a lot about women in the Bible. I will share with you some of my thoughts, beginning with Eve.

Eve was the first to ever be pregnant. Now, I have my doctor, mom, mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, and friends to talk about my pregnancy with. My questions get answered. Take a moment and think about what Eve had to feel through this pregnancy. Remember she was also pregnant with TWINS!

  • If she had morning sickness (she was the one that sinned and brought pain to childbirth, so I bet she also had morning sickness), you know she had to wonder why she can't get over her sickness.
  • All of the sudden she is tired. She doesn't know what to tell Adam. She just wants to sleep!
  • Suddenly, everything Adam does is annoying. Where is her sweet Adam?
  • What is happening to her body??? Everything is growing and is sore! You've got to bet she's wondering why.
  • What is all of this movement she feels? What could possibly be inside her?? (You know Cain and Abel had to be moving a lot!)
  • Once she figures out that there are humans growing in her...imagine her jaw dropping. How will these humans leave her body?? Now, she remembers God saying that there will be pain in childbirth. She knows it is going to hurt however it happens!

I just can't imagine being alone in all of this. Thanks to everyone that has answered my questions or has given me advice. I appreciate you!!


Tim Perkins said...

Well, at least Eve didn't have to deal with the naming trauma that moms-to-be go through today: "I'd love to name him Brandon but my cousin's girlfriend's daddy is named Brandon so I can't use that."

Carole said...

Are you thinkinig about Jacob and Esau? I don't think C and A were twins. But, whatever, you're right, it had to have been scary. The thing about pregnancy is, when you're pregnant, it's just all-consuming, all you think about. Once the baby is in your arms, pregnancy seems to be just a distant memory. I'm so glad you're feeling better now!

Brooke said...

Well, when I was first thinking about this, I looked it up in Genesis to see what it says. It says the the first born was Cain and Abel was born later. Many paragraphs later and speaks of Seth, so it sounded like C & A were possibly twins. It didn't seem definitive, so I googled "Cain and Abel twins." What came up said that they were, but it could have been wrong.

Shannon said...

I will say an "Amen" to your momma! It's amazing how fast you forget about the pregnancy woes and the 1st two weeks post partum (I don't want to scare you yet!).

This post was funny. It would be tough to do all of this stuff by yourself.

The Powell Family said...

Amen to Shannon on the post partum! Ha, ha, ha! But, then that too becomes a distant memory and that's when you realize, "I can't wait to do this again!!!" God is great in that aspect, or I'm sure our population would be a whole lot smaller. I love you Brooke for bringing up Eve. I would have never thought about her, except when those contractions hit and then I think...."Way to go Eve, you just HAD to eat that apple." Ha! ha! ha! You are precious!!