Monday, July 30, 2007

Jochebed, Mother of Moses

I'm writing about my thoughts on different women in the Bible and what their pregnancies may have been like. My subject this time is the mother of Moses. She is living in Egypt, where the Pharaoh has ordered all baby boys to be thrown in the Nile river.
I am not as anxious as many mothers are about discovering the gender of our baby, but this situation would cause anyone to have high blood pressure. To think that if you have a boy, the baby will most likely be murdered immediately would have to bring such a dark cloud over the pregnancy. She must have prayed so very hard for a baby girl. (And we complain today that sonograms are not 100%. How petty!)

The thing that is such a surprise to me is that she didn't have a plan on what to do if it was a boy until she saw that "he was a fine child." That may mean that he was a quiet baby or that he just looked really cute. To me, every mother would think her baby was a "fine child." It was at this point she decided to hide him to save his life.

You know the rest of the story. I can't imagine the stress every pregnant woman must have gone through during this time. Also, what a hard time to bring a child into the world. What pride she must have felt (if she was still living) when her son(s) delivered the Israelites. Way to go Mom!!


Lynn said...

What a neat way to bring new light to Bible study. I liked your viewpoints on Eve and now on Jochabed. It is hard to imagine what it was like for them. You have done it well. Perhaps you should make these thoughts into a future book for other young moms? May the Lord just continue to bring you great joy in the pregnancy journey!

Blake Perkins said...

I think Hagar should be next