Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Wish it were like "the good ole days."

Michael and I read from the "Daily Bible." It is a new year and we are at the beginning of the Bible. I've been struck at how the stories you've heard all of your life can actually be quite confusing. I won't go into all of the new questions I have about the creation or anything, but I will say that I am amazed at how God seems to be so connected to these early people. Of course, we know that he spoke with Adam and Eve and went on walk in the Garden. He also has a close relationship with Noah. After the Noah family went inside the ark, God "sealed" them in. Just how did He do this? Was He physically there doing something, or did He speak it into action? In a way, I am glad that God doesn't suddenly say, "Brooke, I want you to put this on," of "Brooke, build this for me." But, wouldn't it be cool to hear God like that? I don't think these were impressions on someone's heart and they then stated, "God told me to do it." I think it was audible. Interesting.

Today, I received another wedding gift!!! Does this ever stop?!!? I can't believe it has been four months and we're still getting presents! I got a cookie sheet, a round baking pan, a muffin pan for 6 ('s not too big!), and The Quick and Easy Book full of recipes! I got birthday presents at Christmas too! In the past few weeks I've received birthday, Christmas, and wedding gifts. I am blessed! I will tell you about my Christmas in a future blog.

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Blake Perkins said...

It is very confusing to me seeing the differences of God in the Old Testament vs. the New Testament. But one thing we see is God is a loving and a fair God. My favorite story in Genesis is in Genesis 20 where Abraham offers his son Isaac as a sacrifice. What a great example of faith.