Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tag, you're it!

I have been tagged in blog-world. I am suppose to tell you 5 of my guilty pleasures. Aren't you excited!?!?

1. HOCKEY! I watched my first shootout last night! The Stars tied the game with less than a minute remaining in regulation. The Stars were down a man for nearly half of overtime. 4 on 3 hockey is pretty exciting to watch. Then there was the shootout! The Blues hit the crossbar on the first shot. Zubov sank in the Stars' first shot. Turco made a great save on the Blues' second shot. Then our perfect rookie remained perfect. STARS WON! Michael says he's going to have to buy earplugs for when I watch hockey.

2. CHOCOLATE! I'm a girl, come on!

3. BLUE BELL ICE CREAM! Michael frequently tells the story of the first time he saw me eat ice cream. He is amazed how I eat twice as much as he does and then takes what he doesn't eat.

4. MARSHMALLOWS! This is my new favorite snack.

5. SUNDAY NAPS! I almost can't make it through a Sunday without a nap. Those rainy days are killer.

I've done my part. I tag Dad and Blake.


Tim Perkins said...

1. Nitrous Oxide. I love having a cavity just to get gassed.

2. Any concoction with chocolate and peanut butter.

3. Flying.

4. The corner piece of a cake.

5. Luby's.

Chelsie said...

Thank you for your comments and encouragement. Oregon is very precious to us:)! Glad to know you and Michael are doing well- I will have to pass your blog address onto Steve.


FeedingYourMind said...

I was AT that Stars vs. Blues game! And you're right, it was an AMAZING game! Even though I was cheering for St. Louis, seeings how I'm originally from there, I knew our chances were slim since we are in like last place of all of hockey. None the less, it was a GREAT game to watch!

Great overtime and shootout!

Blake Perkins said...

1. Oatmeal pies, I have to eat one every night

2. Oak Ridge Boys music

3. Cheesy bread

4. Shootouts in hockey

5. Snuffer's