Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I have to buy a whole lot of 2 cent stamps!

Once, it cost 3 cents to mail a letterBy Steven Ellis

When you picked up your mail Monday, you may have noticed something different. Did you catch it?
Here's a hint: You'll see this change on the upper right-hand corner of any piece of first-class mail that weighs an ounce or less.
Sunday the US Postal Service increased the price of a first-class stamp from 37 cents to 39 cents.
The last price increase was in 2002, when the cost to send a letter rose by 3 cents. In 2001, a first-class stamp was 34 cents.
The US Post Office Department was created by Congress in 1775. (It was renamed the US Postal Service in 1971.)
The cost to send a letter in 1845 was about 5 cents - but that was the equivalent of about $10 today.
In 1851 Congress wanted to make the mail service more affordable. So it reduced the cost of a first-class stamp from 5 cents to 3 cents. For the next 107 years, the price remained about the same.
In 1958, the cost of a first-class stamp increased to 4 cents. Since then, the cost of stamps has risen every few years. These increases help the postal service keep up with the costs of processing and delivering the mail.
You don't have to throw out your old 37-cent stamps: The postal service has issued 2-cent stamps. This way, you can use a 2-cent stamp and an old 37-cent stamp until you get the new 39-cent stamps.

Maybe I shouldn't be upset about having to buy 2 cent stamps so that my 37 cent stamps don't go to waste, but I kind of am. We have had several problems with out postman since I moved in the house. Problems that could have been major - like delivering my new Social Security card to the wrong house! Michael had even called the post office to report the many things our postman does wrong. We have seen some improvement, but I still think the job can be done better. So now that my trust in the US Postal System has decreased, they make me pay more! I guess I can handle the increase, since I get a slight pay raise each year and I married someone who gets paid more than me....but I'm still upset.


Carole said...

I'm not too upset with the 2 cent hike, but it will neccesitate my getting Maddie out in the morning to drive to the Fate PO to buy some 2 centers to mail a birthday card! I remember postage being 5 cents when your dad and I were in our long-distance relationship when we were juniors in college, he in Abilene and I in Dallas. We wrote DAILY. Now, a nickel doesn't seem like much, but it was something I kinda had to budget for. Little did we know that someday we would be able to instant message and email each other while he was at work and I was at home. I wonder how you and Michael will be communicating in 33 years?!
Nana spent the day with Madds and me today. I showed her a sample of everyone's blog and some of my favorite sights. I showed her how you could google just about anything you could wonder about and find out all about it. She was just AWED. Tim IMed me while I was showing her things and she just couldn't believe it. She is so funny!

Brooke said...

If the stamp continues to increase at that rate, in 33 years the stamp will be nearly 75 cents! It is a scary to picture you showing Nana the internet!

Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

I'm ticked off, because I have to go way out, and I mean, way out of my way to get 25 2-cent stamps.


Carole said...

Would you believe the PO was out of 2 cent stamps? What's the deal? Couldn't they anticipate that anyone with the millions of 37 cent stamps that were sold would be needing 2 cent stamps. So, I bought 80 one cent stamps.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that the postage rate changing has been a real pain for me, in a total selfish kind of way! I am forced to try and find an appropriate stamp for my wedding invitations going out this month, and I do not like one of them! Yikes...

Anyways, I would love to hear how you are doing. Send me an email if you get a chance (deanna_wilburn@hotmail.com). I look forward to hearing from you!