Friday, January 27, 2006

Life can be so good at times!

Yesterday, I had a really long phone call with a parent. The parent wanted me to find out some info from this really shy student. The parents mentioned that the student speaks about me because of how I speak of God and display His light in the school (how cool is that!). I need to be careful though...I would hate to lose this job. So anyway, I met with this student before school for tutorials. After making sure the student was prepared for the test I'm giving today, I started telling her the observations I have made about her throughout the year. I encouraged her to continue to make good decisions while being surrounded by darkness. She totally opened up and gave me the information that I was needing to hear. I was anxious all last night about our little talk, but God totally took care of it. I feel as though I'm on top of the world because God takes care of me through the very last detail. Praise Him!

I taped the last part of the Stars game last night. Even though it was between the Stars and Avs (Michael is from Denver), we could not stay up to watch the end. I got up this morning to see the Stars tie it up and win it with another shootout!! Woohoo!

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FeedingYourMind said...

Yes, I did move into your old apartment and had the pleasure of living there for 2 years with 3 wonderful roommates!

825 Alive!!