Friday, February 03, 2006

It's February?

Yesterday was groundhog day. We will have 6 more weeks of winter. Did winter ever arrive???

Today is our 5 month. Michael and I spoke last night and we decided that we have laughed every single day since we married, except for his food-poisioning day (aka, Michael's worst day of life). We are truly happy. It seems that so much has happened in these short 5 months: Katrina, our tree branch blown down by Rita, entire tree blown over by cold front, colds for both that required doctor visits, food poisoning for Michael, pink eye for me, Canon getting a liver, almost 2 birthday celebrations, Michael's grandfather passing away, my former student dying, and so much more. Even through those hard times, we were able to lean on one another and support each other...or get hiccups from laughing so hard.

Michael's birthday is Monday. We'll both be 26! Yes, I'm older by a few months, but I look like the kid. Tonight, I'm treating Michael to Ruth Chris' steak. Then his parents are treating us to the Harlem Globetrotters. Saturday we will spend time with friends and Dave and Busters. Sunday is the Super Bowl. Monday, his actual birthday, is actually not booked. Then on Tuesday, in continued celebration of the big 26, we're going to the Mavs/Lakers game.

I had dinner last night with a friend that I hadn't seen in a long time. It is so good to hear of good decisions being made in the lives of those whom I care about. God does bless those who seek Him.

Next Friday, I'll be the only person decorating for the Spring Social. Me. I've never been to a dance, but I'm expected to know how to decorate for one. Wish me luck on that one. Then it is off to Houston. Michael's old roomie and his wife are staying at our house and we're staying at Michael's sister's house. It's a big house swap! Maybe we should do something that would be done on Trading Spaces. I would love to see what they would do in our house!

I'm on the lookout for missing undershirts. I have lost a whole pile of Michael's undershirts and we have searched every room, every drawer, and under everything. They're gone. Even our cars were searched.

Today, I sat in a parent conference with a child. Her IQ is one point above mental retardation, but for some reason, we can't share this with the parent. The poor kid was getting chewed out for her grades. I had to get up to leave. I'm going to give her a big hug this afternoon. It is so sad.


Tim Perkins said...

1. You are so correct on the joys of marriage. To be able to share the joys and share the tough times is one of the real plusses. I don't think I'd be very happy without Carole.

2. Gee, must be nice to have so much disposable income.

3. I have been right there in your shoes with regard to the parent conference. I've wanted so badly to shake some sense into the parent on those occasions. I've actually had mommas start hitting their kid in my presence. It was all I could do to keep from getting violent with the parent.

brooke c said...

Hey did you hear that with any student ID, you can go just before any MAVS game and get upper level $10 tickets? Now that is a reason to find that old ugly ACU ID card. You can audit a January short course($25) once a year or take a class at quad C($65 per hour.) WE can call it the learn adn save discount.

brooke c said...


Carole said...

What do you mean, you can't share a child's IQ with its parent?! How insane is that?! It's certainly not fair to the child.

Anonymous said...

Watching kids struggle in school is always so hard to see. Especially when they are in first grade and they are having so much difficulty. Imagine when they are in high school, how they will succeed?

- Kaitlin Nelson

brooke c said...

Brooke I am quite disappointed in you. By now I expected a play by play commentary of the Super Bowl. As someone who tries to be interested in sports I was amazed at how much of the game you watched, but of course that meant that I did get to see you at all.