Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My mind and body are tired.

I've had a lot of things going through my mind recently. There are different situations that have arisen that have knocked me out cold emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. It has almost put me into a depression. Luckily, I have a husband and friends that are there for me and have encouraging words. What I had to learn earlier in life, I am re-learning now. That lesson was to give it to God and let it go...really let it go. Earlier this week, I would pray with little faith of seeing any change. I knew I had to change my mindset. I want to pray, knowing God has the same desires and is working everything out in His perfect and mighty plan. I am working on praying that way and then not stressing over the issue...TRUSTing God completely. I may see something amazing as soon as this weekend, or honestly, never. I have to be okay with this.

School has been hectic. I have had an ARD each day this week and parent conference tomorrow. It is approaching the middle of February. I always dread this part of the school year. Maybe we get spoiled during Christmas. We come back after Christmas and then it is MLK day. Then, nothing but school for weeks! Spring Break seems so far away. This is really the time to push tutorials...I'm having as many as I can. After this really horrible week, I've got to stay late and decorate before hitting the road for a 5 hr trip. Joy.

I'm sleep-deprived. We have had wonderful things going on after work, but I need my sleep. I need to not worry about anything, go to bed at a descent hour, not have to get up early for a parent meeting, and just sleep. Last week, before I had any reason to fret, I wasn't sleeping well. So, nearly two weeks of little sleep can really get to you.

Sorry for being "Debbie Downer." The thing is I really am blessed. I love my friends, even if they make poor choices...haven't we all done that?? I looked through our wedding album today. Family, friends, God, and love. That's what I have. Most of my students don't have all of that. I am truly blessed. Praise God.


Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

hang in there! praying for you.


Blake Perkins said...

I know the feelin! Just think. You are closer to Spring Break now than X-mas break.

Tim Perkins said...

Yep, all of us teachers are in the worst part of the year now. A lot of our mental fatigue is generated by kids who feel fewer restraints they say and do things they wouldn't have earlier in the year.

I'm trying to focus on the concept of one day at a time, sweet Jesus. It seems to help.

Carole said...

I hope your trip this weekend has the desired results. But remember, everything in God's time. Maybe just a seed will be planted and you won't see immediate results. I'll be praying!

kate m. said...

I am sorry to be commenting on such a sad post, but I saw your comment on Brooke Cole's blog about FWC and TCA. I had to check out your blog, and I went WAY back to find a picture of you. I certainly remember you from ACU. I was just wondering what FWC guy you dated? Everybody knows everybody there, and it is funny that you dated one of FWC's "finest" I presume. Going to watch my friend coach will probably be my 4th visit since graduating in 1997.

Also, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Dallas Stars! I have loved them since the 1993-1994 inaugural year and watch every game on TV to this day!

kate m. said...

I did know Josh well, and his older brother Brandon is my age. Actually, both of them are quite short! I graduated high school in 1997 and ACU in 2001. I definitely remember all of the Tiners! FWC isn't a very big world. I quit playing basketball after my freshman year, but you probably did play against my friend Brenda (Jacoby) who sparked the FWC/TCA conversation on Brooke's blog. What year did you graduate? It sounds like you are probably just 1 year younger than me.

As for the Stars, I was very excited about Niko Kapanen's hat trick last night! I have always loved Niko. My baby was just 7 weeks old when the Stars had their open practices and autograph sessions at the beginning of this season, and I shamelessly took him and got almost every player's autograph for him. Nobody could refuse the sleeping baby! The only two that I cared about that I didn't get was Brendan Morrow and Sergei Zubov!

Michael Potthoff said...

Hello you two! I discovered this blog by accident! It is great to read up on your life! Ruth and I pray for you both daily! We are excited to see all that is God is going to do through this marriage!

Blessing to you both!