Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My Hard Working Husband

I rarely see someone work as hard as Michael works. He has been working fairly late, and brings his work home with him. He worked at home late last night and then got up at 4 AM to do some more work. I bet he'll bring more work home tonight and get up by 5 AM tomorrow. I am so glad he is so determined to be good at what he does; I just wish he could get some rest.


Carole said...

That's my son-in-law, the hard working man! I feel one's work ethic says SO much about him. Take your daddy, for example. He graded papers ALL Saturday and a lot of Sunday, and he sits over there right now....grading papers! He knows this will be his last year to teach, but he's determined to do his best right up to the end. I'm proud of ALL my kids and their spouses. You guys give it your all!

Tim Perkins said...

Thanks but let's leave the kudos for Michael, Brooke and all the other hard workers in our family. And hats off to someone who gives her time to helping mold the character of one Maddie Perkins. I couldn't begin to do what she does.

Michael, I hope next week is better!

Blake Perkins said...

Hang in there Michael. There is always an episode of Seinfeld to watch if need be.