Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Top Men in My Life

I am following Blake's lead and listing the top men in my life.

1. Michael~ This guy is amazing! I know most don't know him very well yet, but he is top quality. Our ROCK group (9th and 10th grade Bible study group) hostess mentioned Sunday that he is just wonderful. I couldn't agree more. He is sweet everyday, but he goes to great lengths for days like today. His mother and sisters raised him right. God really blessed me with him. Thanks for all that you are, babe. I love you!

2. Dad (Tim)~ Excellent example on how to be a man. I've never seen him really upset but yet I have/had a healthy fear to never wrong him as a child of his. He always tells us how proud of us he is. I never want to disappoint him. A true man when it comes to handling pain, but also leading a family spiritually.

3. Oldest Brother (Brett)~ Smart, funny, outgoing. That's Brett. He has found such a calling to serve by helping people with finances. Michael and I put so much trust in him as we were house-hunting. He gave me my first sister by marrying Jenny. Thanks!

4. Older Brother (Blake)~ I became closer to Blake since he actually stayed in the same city with me for more years than Brett. My 8th grade year/his senior year was a learning experience for me. He helped me tons in Abilene my freshman year/his senior + year. Then, Blake and I lived close to each other after I graduated college. He has become more and more of a friend. Anyone will tell you he is the sweetest guy. I love his wife Jaime too.

5. Steve Sargent~ My best friend for many years. Steve got me through things I never thought I could. He encouraged me with my walk with God and will always be dear to me. He is truly mission-minded. I pray that he and his wife bring thousands to God.

6. Mike Cope~ Best Bible teacher I ever had. Tons of respect for this man.

7/8. Gramps/Granddaddy~ Loved them both. Sure wish Michael could have met them. I know Gramps would have thrown math questions at him. Michael would have also understood Perkins humor a bit more if he had known Granddaddy.

9. David (father-in-law)~ He has accepted me from day one. He makes me laugh by his bluntness. I enjoy arguing with him on almost every topic imaginable.

10/11. Shaun/Mike (Bro-in-laws)~ True brothers. We argue, we fight, and we share. They have done so much for me already.


Blake Perkins said...

Thanks Brookey!

Tim Perkins said...


I love you.


Carole said...

It's good to know I taught you well when it comes to picking a husband! :)

Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

It's funny, but I miss Granddaddy and Gramps more and more as time goes by. They were two wonderful and distinct people.

I wish Zachary and Ethan would have gotten to know them. Gramps did get to hold Zach as a newborn once right before he (Gramps) got sick and we got several pics of that which is priceless to me.


Matt Foster said...

I know that you truly wanted to put me in #10, but felt compelled to give Mike and Shaun a spot because you "have" to. I think we all know where they actually rank.